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Internet Restored to Campus

Dear IVC Campus Community,

I hope this message finds you well. We are pleased to inform you that internet access to the campus, which includes access to Canvas, has been restored.

On Friday September 1st, the campus and surrounding areas experienced a severe, surprise, storm that knocked down 13 IID power poles. Those IID power poles also carry the fiber cabling that provides internet to the campus. While IID continues to work on restoring the poles, an alternate path has been established to provide internet to the campus. Canvas and other technology systems that are contingent on a connection between the campus and the internet have been restored.

I would like to thank the entire IT team which has been working diligently over the last two days to re-establish internet connectivity. I would especially like to thank Bobby Moreno, James Arthur and Michael Kahler (ICOE/IVTA) for the many hours they worked over the last two days to re-establish internet connectivity.

Impact on Access:

- All systems should be in normal working order.

Thank you for your Patience:

We understand that system outages can be frustrating, and we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during the outage.


Jeff Enz
Associate Vice President, Information Technology