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Where we foster excellence in education that challenges students of every background to develop their intellect, character, and abilities; to assist students in achieving their educational and career goals; and to be responsive to the greater community.

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My name is Javier Melara, I am the 2021-2022 Associ-ated Students Government President. I was born and raised in Mexicali. After finishing elementary school, I started attending school in Calexico, and I am a proud Calexico High School gradu-ate. I have firsthand experience and know the challenges of being a new student, of learning a new language, and I want everyone to know that I am here for you as we are all one community, one home.

I started studying at Imperial Valley College this past Fall 2020. Remote learning has been a new experience for me; therefore it is one of my goals to help students enrolled at Imperial Valley College have a smooth transition and ensure their experience at the college is enjoyable.

ASG has been instrumental in building my leadership skills and identifying my focus on life. Though the past year has been a hard year for many of us, it is critical to ac-knowledge that we can still find moments of light within all the dark. I wish you all a great academic school year.

As you embark on this jour-ney, please remember that no matter where you came from, where you are going, make your time at Imperial Valley College the best you can, and you can count on me to support you through the process.


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