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Introducing the Desert Warrior Mascot

Welcome to the official page of Imperial Valley College’s new mascot, the Desert Warrior! Our Desert Warrior is more than just a symbol; it embodies the strength, resilience, and values that define our college community. Learn about the journey and the thoughtful process that led to the creation of our new mascot.

A Journey Rooted in Community and Tradition

In 2019, the Student Affairs Committee and the Associated Student Government (ASG) proposed an initiative to redesign our mascot to better reflect IVC’s core values of diversity and inclusivity. This led to the formation of the Mascot Identity Task Force (MITF), comprising representatives from ASG, administration, and various governance committees. Their mission was to select a mascot that truly represents the values and spirit of our community.


Engaging the Community

From the start, community involvement was crucial. We launched a comprehensive communication campaign, including press releases, social media updates, and emails, to engage students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members. After an initial survey with artistic renderings caused some confusion, we re-administered the survey without these images to ensure a fair and representative selection process.

The Choice of the Desert Warrior

The final survey results revealed a clear preference for the "Desert Warriors" mascot, with 47.5% of respondents favoring this choice. Supported by a broad base of current students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members, the Board of Trustees voted in March 2021 to retire the former mascot. In June 2023, the "Desert Warriors" name was officially adopted, effective June 21, 2023.

Creating the Desert Warrior

The design process aimed to create a mascot that reflects IVC’s values. The ASG and MITF decided against designing a mascot with weapons, opting for a gender-ambiguous look instead. Local artists and alumni collaborated to create initial renderings, which were then narrowed down to three top choices for a community survey.

Design Concept Survey

The Design Concept Survey, conducted in March 2024, featured:

  • Option A: Designed by local artist Margaret Silva Chairez
  • Option B: Designed by alumnus Ian Sanchez
  • Option C: Designed by local business Souless Industries

Option B emerged as the preferred design, receiving 50.93% of the votes (1,726 of the total 3,389 respondents). Option A received 33% (1,134 votes), and Option C received 15% (529 votes).

Refining the Design

Community feedback was invaluable in refining the mascot’s design. Suggestions included making the design less cartoonish and more rugged, adding battle scars or a ripped cape to give the warrior a more experienced look. These traits were seen as aligning with the cunningness, speed, and resilience of our community. Using artificial intelligence, the ASG and MITF blended Option B with these suggestions, resulting in a more refined and representative mascot design.

Finalizing the Mascot

We collaborated with SX Sportswear Inc. to convert our AI-generated design into a vector-ready image suitable for apparel and merchandise. This final design was presented to various campus bodies, including ASG, the Athletic Department, and the Academic Senate, for approval and feedback.

The Desert Warrior’s Alignment with IVC’s College Values:

  • Excellence: The Desert Warrior's imposing presence and battle-hardened appearance symbolize the pursuit of excellence. Just as the warrior excels in overcoming the harsh desert environment, Imperial Valley College strives to provide superior educational opportunities that challenge students to grow and achieve their full potential.
  • Integrity: The warrior's forthright and fierce demeanor mirrors the college's commitment to integrity. The mascot’s honest and ethical approach to every challenge reflects the principles that guide our institution's actions and interactions.
  • Accessibility: Adapted to the demanding desert climate, the Desert Warrior exemplifies resilience and adaptability. These traits resonate with our commitment to creating an inclusive and accessible learning environment that provides equitable opportunities for all students, regardless of their backgrounds.
  • Diversity: The Desert Warrior's rich and diverse appearance, marked by scars and experiences, represents the strength derived from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. At Imperial Valley College, we value and respect the diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences of our community members.
  • Collaboration: The Desert Warrior's readiness for battle with a shield reflects the importance of collaboration and mutual support. Just as it relies on teamwork for survival, our college fosters a collaborative environment where knowledge and experiences are shared for the common goal of educational excellence.
  • Innovation: The warrior’s resourcefulness in adapting to the desert environment signifies the innovative approaches Imperial Valley College employs to foster learning and growth. Our institution continually seeks new solutions to meet the evolving needs of our students and community.
  • Fiscal Integrity: The Desert Warrior's efficient use of resources and strategic preparation for challenges mirrors the college's dedication to maintaining fiscal integrity. This ensures we can continue to fulfill our mission and provide quality education for future generations.

Future Plans

The Imperial Community College District Trustees voted unanimously to adopt the finalized design concept for the Desert Warrior mascot during their regularly scheduled board meeting on Wednesday evening, June 18. Moving forward, the Desert Warrior mascot will be integrated into all promotional materials and communication channels. This includes launching mascot apparel and distributing merchandise to foster school spirit and unity.

We are excited to embark on this new chapter with the Desert Warrior and look forward to seeing our new mascot inspire and unite the Imperial Valley College community.

For more information or to get involved, please contact the Imperial Valley College Public Relations Office at 760-355-6551 or at