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Parking Citation Payment Plan

Parking Citation Payment Plan

A registered owner (CVC 460, 505) or person responsible for vehicle citations received on Imperial Community College District property shall be eligible to enroll in a payment plan when they have multiple unpaid parking citations.

a. Once this threshold is met, any citations associated with this vehicle, registered owner, or person responsible may be added to the payment plan, at the time of enrollment.
b. If additional citations are accrued during the payment plan period, the plan may not be modified to include these citations, nor will a concurrent payment plan be offered.
c. Citations in a payment plan will not count towards immobilization/tow/impound eligibility pursuant to eve 22651(i)(I).
d. Once a vehicle is immobilized/towed/impounded due to other violations, all citations, including those on a payment plan, are immediately due pursuant to CVC 22651(i)(l)(C).

The fee to enroll in a payment plan is $25.Applied late fees, as well as any late fees not yet applied, will be placed in abeyance while the payment plan is in place. If the individual adheres to the plan terms, these late fees will be waived once the payment plan is complete.

  1. If an individual default on the payment plan, a subsequent payment plan will not be offered for those citations and any late fees placed in abeyance will be immediately reinstated. The total amount due, including all late fees, will be submitted to the appropriate Department of Motor Vehicles for a Registration hold on the vehicle. An Academic Hold will be placed on the Students records until the total fees are paid in full.
  2. b. The request for a payment plan must be made before the citation is transferred to DMV for collection. (21 days after issue of the citation}.

Once the payment plan is in place and the individual is adhering to its terms, an itemization of unpaid parking penalties and service fees will not be filed with the DMV (also known as a "DMV Registration Hold") and any DMV Registration Hold in place will be temporarily removed pending satisfactorily completing the payment plan.

At plan enrollment, an initial payment of $25 or 10% of the amount owed (whichever amount is greater), plus the $25 enrollment fee, is required.

Payments must be made each calendar month.
a. There is no grace period for late payments.
b. For mailed payments, a postmark is acceptable to meet this requirement.

Payment plan duration.
1st months payment will be $25 or 10% of unpaid fines (whichever amount is greater) plus the $25 enrollment plan fee. Subsequent months payments will be determined by dividing the remaining balance by 4.

Late: The citation is past 21 days from issuance and 14 days from mailing of the reminder notice and additional fees may be applied.
Delinquent: The citation is unpaid. Late fees may or may not have been applied.
Person responsible: The individual who has opted to enter into the payment plan with the campus.