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Lesson Plan / Activity Guidelines

Before you will be allowed in a classroom to complete a lesson or activity, your signed Statement of Conduct and Confidentiality must be on file in the Lab Schools' Office. Your instructor will provide you with the document or you can pick one up in the office.

You must wear your Imperial Valley College student ID at all times when in the labs.

You must sign in and out when entering and leaving the labs. You must also punch your time in and out on the Activity/Lesson cards (located near time clock).

Follow all lab school procedures when in the labs. The classrooms are "no cell phone" zones.

Your purse or backpack cannot go into the classrooms. There are lockers available but you must bring your own lock and take it with you when you leave.

You are expected to show up at your scheduled time (you will schedule with your instructor unless otherwise instructor). If you do not show up on time, the office staff may refuse to allow you to complete your activity.

You must bring all materials and supplies necessary to complete your activity/lesson. The lab school teachers are not responsible for supplying your materials needed for the activity.

If you believe the center has some materials you may need, i.e. paintbrushes or scissors, you must have prior approval from the lab teachers or director.

Bring enough materials to accommodate all the children in the classroom.

Plan to set your activity up with the least amount of disruption.

After completing your activity, you will need to clean up all your materials and leave the tables or room exactly as you found it.

You will never be allowed to be alone with children. A teacher will be with you at all times.

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