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Electrical Technology


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We flick-on the lights, turn-on a television set; switch on the computer, hardly ever giving a thought to the miracle of electricity. And yet, electricity is the one thing that has made our lives utterly comfortable. It warms us, cools us, helps us eat and entertain ourselves. And who are the people responsible for this? Electricians.

Electricians install, test, repair and maintain electrical systems. Knowledge of electricity, understanding blueprints and other technical documents, manual dexterity, color vision, good sense of smell, physical stamina are all required for this career. Electricians are the people who wire homes, offices, and factories for electricity. They route and connect electrical wires, install light fixtures and other electrical devices, and install and maintain all the electronic controls used for machines at both home and work. Some focus mainly on maintaining existing electrical systems. Others focus mainly on wiring new construction.


Industry Certification and Licensure

Associate Electronics Technician (CETa), this certification is designed for technicians who have less than two years experience or trade school training for electronics technician.

The Electronic Modules Program is based on ETA's Associate level Certification, divided into five modules:

  • DC (EM1)
  • AC (EM2)
  • Analog (EM3)
  • Digital (EM4)
  • Comprehensive (EM5)

These five modules are covered in the Electrical and Electronics courses offered at IVC.
Renewable Energy Certifications by ETA International:

There are three Renewable Energy Photovoltaic and Small Wind Installer Certifications:

  • Level I Apprentice
  • Level II Specialist
  • Level III Technician


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Department Contacts

Electrical Technology Instructor
Delbert Windmann
Phone: 760-355-6361