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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the admissions process for Dual Enrollment courses? 

There is a 5-step process to enroll in the program. All steps must be completed before the application deadline. If the 5-steps are not completed, students will not be guaranteed admissions/seat to the course(s). 

  1. Students must complete IVC OpenCCC admission application for registered term. Instructions: 
  2. Submit Dual Enrollment Application 
  3. Parent /Guardian Approves/Denies Request Online 
  4. High School Counselor Approves / Denies Request Online 
  5. IVC gets notification of Completed Application 


What is the minimum grade point average (GPA) that is required to take a Dual Enrollment course? 

  • Juniors and Seniors must have at least a 2.0 GPA 
  • Freshmen and Sophomores must have at least a 2.5 GPA 


Are there any student fees? 

  • No student fees will be applied 


What is the cost of textbooks for Dual Enrollment courses? 

  • Books will be provided at NO CHARGE to the students by the high school district 


How are Dual Enrollment classes taught? 

  • Dual Enrollment courses are taught via Face-to-Face at your local High School and via ONLINE through CANVAS .  


When are Dual Enrollment classes? 

  • For Face-to-Face modality, some classes meet two days per week. An instructor from IVC goes to the High School to teach the course.   For Hybrid courses, the class is taught in-person and via Realtime Online.  In an ONLINE class, all course activity occurs online; there are no required real- time or on campus meetings. All content is delivered on Canvas. Coursework does have due dates as set by the instructor, but can be completed, once the content becomes available, at any time before the due date 


How do I access my course through CANVAS and WEBSTAR? 

  • Please visit our IVC Website at and scroll over the top right on “Login”. In “Login” section, you will find option links to CANVAS and WEBSTAR. 


 What is CANVAS? 

  • Canvas is a platform where you can access your IVC courses (including distance education courses and web enhanced courses). Most of your instructors will use Canvas for a variety of things including grades, class messages, individual messages, assignment submissions, and more. If you have a fully online class, Canvas will be your classroom. If you have a class in any other format, it is likely that your instructor will also use Canvas.   


How do I find my IVC student email? 

  • When you submitted your OpenCCC application for IVC, you should have received an email containing this information. If you can’t find your IVC email address, please contact the dual enrollment team  


How do I find my G number? 

  • When you submitted your OpenCCC application for IVC, you should have received an IVC email containing this information. If you can’t find your G number, please fill out the following form  


How do I get my password? 

  • When accessing your IVC Email and Webstar for the first time, your password is your Date of Birth. (For example: if you were born January 1, 2001, your Password would be 010101. If you cannot log in or continue having issues, please fill out the following form   


 What happens if I can’t finish or pass the course? 

  • A failing grade will appear on your permanent college transcript and may impact your academic and financial aid standing at the college. If you are unable to complete the course due to an emergency, please contact us for support or submit a drop card form   


How do I drop a course? 

  • To drop your course, please complete the following form:  If you do not have an IVC Student ID, please take a picture of any form of Identification. This may include your high school ID.  

For information about Dual Enrollment withdrawal deadlines and specific course information, please contact  


What type of student support services will be provided? 

  • Students will have the same access to counselors and services as on-campus students 
  • IVC Application Seminars will assist students in completing the online IVC Application 
  • Dual Enrollment Orientations will help students and parents/guardians better understand the Dual Enrollment opportunity 
  • Our professors are highly encouraged to have an embedded tutor (a tutor who is actively involved in the classroom and provides additional support for the students) 


 When is the deadline to drop? 

  • Deadline to drop without a "W" varies between courses. A "W" on your IVC transcript means withdrawal. 
  • In accordance with state regulations and district policy, the deadlines used for grading purpose are as follows: 
Drop without a transcript annotation: drop must be completed prior to the first 20% of the course based on the individual class. 
Drop with a "W" annotation: All courses dropped at the 20% point and up until the 75% point will be recorded on the transcript as a "W". 
A "W" may impact your financial aid as a non-K-12 special-admin student in the future. 


For additional information and support, please contact: 

 Armando Nevarez - Student Success Specialist  (760) 355-6156 
Liliana Torres Pesqueira - Outreach Specialist  (760)355-6548 
Victoria Valencia - Outreach Specialist (760)355-6508