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How Can Faculty Help Students Who Use Alternate Media?

Instructors are key to the success of their students in so many ways. Students with disabilities may require accommodations from DSPS and their instructors to be successful in their classes.

Production of student materials in alternate formats will be done by the Alternate Media Specialist however there are certain things that faculty can do to help these students succeed.

How to Help:

  1. Provide your booklist to the bookstore in a timely manner ~ We often start production several weeks to several MONTHS before the semester begins, so it really helps us to know which books that you will be using, prior to the beginning of the semester. The sooner the student can buy the book means the sooner we can begin production and get them their alternate media!
  2. Provide your syllabus before the semester begins ~ Again, as we are producing alternate media before the semester begins, we require a detailed syllabus to be confident that we will produce everything the student needs before the semester begins. The Alternate Media Specialist will call you or email you with a request for your syllabus before the semester begins.
  3. Provide your tests and quizzes for conversion to alternate formats ~ Your students may request that their tests, quizzes or other materials are converted to Braille or electronic text. Please try to provide these materials to the alternate media specialist at least a week before the student takes the exam.