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MESA Lab Center - Student Expectations 

To ensure that students have a good learning experience and to maintain a successful academic program, we expect all students to accept responsibility in adhering to the following student expectations. Failure to do so may result in loss of MESA Center privileges.  


  • Have a completed MESA application on file. 
  • Check in and out at the front desk when entering or leaving the study center.  
  • Be respectful of the learning needs of others by complying with the quiet study policy.  
  • Avoid use of profanity or vulgar language and shouting or talking across the room to another student or tutor. Students will be asked to leave the study center if they are being loud or disruptive. 
  • Keep cellphones on silent or turned off and take all phone calls outside.  
  • Be responsible for always cleaning up after themselves.  
  • Be responsible for their personal property used in the study center.  
  • Keep food and drinks away from computer counters at all times.  
  • Use headphones when listening to audio presentations of any kind. Audio of any kind should not be loud where it can be heard by others.  
  • Refrain from unplugging or moving any hardware. Report any hardware problems to MESA staff immediately. As a safety precaution, power chords should be kept free from major walkways.  
  • Refrain from any acts of theft or vandalism such as writing on tables, walls, equipment, etc. Any such behavior will result in disciplinary action and loss of study center privileges.  
  • Adhere to the IVC Student Code of Conduct. Students caught cheating or doing anything unethical in violation of the IVC Student Code of Conduct will lose study center privileges.