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Step Directly Into University

New Degree Opportunities Available in CTE!

Associate Degree for Transfer

List of CTE Associate of Arts and Associate of Science Degrees for Transfer! AA-T /AS-T

AS-T Administration of Justice
AS-T Business Administration
AS-T Early Childhood Education

Take a look at all AA-T and AS-T's available at Imperial Valley College!

Transfer Degrees

  1. Administration of Justice for Transfer AS-T 2019-2020
  2. Agriculture Business for Transfer AS-T 2019-2020
  3. Agriculture Plant Science for Transfer AS-T 2019-2020
  4. Anthropology for Transfer AA-T 2018-2019
  5. Biology for Transfer AS-T 2018-2019
  6. Business Administration for Transfer AS-T 2018-2019
  7. Chemistry for Transfer AS-T 2018-2019
  8. Communication Studies for Transfer AA-T 2018-2019
  9. Computer Science for Transfer AS-T 2018-2019
  10. Early Childhood Education for Transfer AS-T 2018-2019
  11. Economics for Transfer AA-T 2018-2019
  12. Elementary Teacher Education for Transfer AA-T 2018-2019
  13. English for Transfer AA-T 2018-2019
  14. Geography for Transfer AA-T 2018-2019
  15. History for Transfer AA-T 2018-2019
  16. Kinesiology for Transfer AA-T 2018-2019
  17. Mathematics for Transfer AS-T 2018-2019
  18. Music for Transfer AA-T 2018-2019
  19. Political Science for Transfer AA-T 2018-2019
  20. Psychology for Transfer AA-T 2018-2019
  21. Public Health Science for Transfer AS-T 2018-2019
  22. Sociology for Transfer AA-T 2018-2019
  23. Spanish for Transfer AA-T 2018-2019
  24. Studio Arts for Transfer AA-T 2018-2019

What is an AA-T/AS-T?

AA-T and AS-T degrees are recognized by both the California Community College and CSU systems as a measure of preparation and readiness for transfer to upper-division course work at the CSU.

Earn Priority Admission for a California State University!

Students completing an AA-T or AS-T degree at the community college receive priority admission to the CSU system.

How will this help me at the university?

Students who have completed an AA-T or AS-T and are admitted to a CSU major that has been deemed similar are guaranteed admission at junior standing, and the opportunity to complete a baccalaureate degree with 60 additional semester (90 quarter) units completed at university.

Get a Jump start in High School with Credit by Exam!

Currently credit by exam opportunities are available to high school seniors enrolled in articulated courses at their high school in the areas of Administration of Justice and Early Childhood Education.