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Question & Answers with an IVC donor...

photoAfter a recent concert, the staff of the IVC Foundation got a chance to catch up with Dr.
Hope Davis (right). Here's the complete interview:

IVCF: What do you do for the College?
HD: I am one of the full-time Music Professors at IVC. I teach all sections of Music Theory (Harmony); all sections of Musicianship; Music Foundation Courses, Music Appreciation Courses, Voice Classes, Choir Class; and Applied Music Classes (voice, piano and organ). The performing ensembles that I coordinate (train, direct and showcase) are the Choir and Voice Classes.

IVCF: Where did you study; what's your academic background?
HD: My early musical training and bachelor's-equivalent work was done in Jamaica (West Indies); and my graduate work in Music Performance and Music Education was completed at the University of Wyoming, the University of Southern Mississippi, L'Institut Catholoique de Musique de Paris (France), and Louisiana State University. I additionally have other areas of graduate work concentration in French, Psychology, Education Administration, and Special Education.

IVCF: How long have you taught here at Imperial Valley College?
HD: I have taught at IVC since August of 2006.

IVCF: How often do your groups perform for the community?
HD: The choral/vocal groups perform for the community 3 to 6 times per semester. We generally perform on campus at IVC, for various community events in the Imperial Valley, at the First United Methodist Church, … and some past semesters, we performed in Oceanside, Calif., Palm Springs, Calif., Yuma, Ariz., and other surrounding areas. We hope to do more travelling next semester.

IVCF: Tell us about your scholarships.
HD: The Music Talent and Performing Arts Scholarships were created to nurture and foster a love for the performing arts. They are to be awarded to talented students of any major discipline who love to perform in music, and who participate in our college/community musical ensembles (choral and instrumental). My motivation for starting the scholarship is to heighten the importance of the performing arts, and to let dedicated students in those disciplines know that we respect their passion, talent and discipline.

IVCF: You are one of our best monthly donors. We know how your donations help students; can you share if donating helps you at all? What are your rewards?
HD: Yes, donating helps me. I am generally a giving person, by personality. I love to hear of the joy it brings to the recipients; and to watch some of them really enjoy displaying their artistry.

IVCF: People in the arts community often ask how they can assist our College. How would you respond to this typical question?
HD: Oh, please ask them kindly to donate money for our students to take trips to see and hear the greatest of artists perform. They really need to be exposed, because it makes our jobs as performing arts teachers much easier. You know, sometimes one demonstrates fine choral/vocal techniques for our students. But, if they do not hear a lot of the same around them, they sometimes disbelieve the teacher. However, when they travel and hear the great performing ensembles doing the same techniques that the professor tried to teach, they are much more willing to adapt, in a hurry. Our students also need formal performing attire; and we need money to purchase music and money for choral accompanists.

IVCF: What have been your memorable moments, not just here at IVC but since you've come to Imperial Valley?
HD: Some of my memorable moments include performing in Oceanside and performing in Yuma with the IVC Choir and Voice Class students. Our students LOVE to travel. I also enjoyed being awarded Employee of the Month in October of 2010. That was a VERY pleasant surprise. Another was putting on a multicultural music show at First United Methodist Church in El Centro, and having the Korean musical ensemble, Mariachi Mixteco, and an Indian girl playing a Raga perform. It was an awesome experience to have our different cultures come together. I also enjoy performing on concerts with the I.V. Symphony (I play viola); performing with the I.V. Master Chorale; accompanying and singing with the Noteworthy Trio...and working as Music teacher/director of the I.V. Children's Chorus and theatre group. Similarly, I totally enjoy working with the musical ensembles (Chancel Choir and Handbells Ensemble) at First United Methodist Church in El Centro. Finally, I truly enjoy working with our IVC students. The job is challenging, but rewarding in watching our students blossom.

IVCF: What/who are your influences?
HD: I come from an extremely musical family (and extended family). So, I grew up just making music with family members, just about all the time. Some of my influences are many professors at the musical institutions at which I studied, great choirs such as Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Morgan State University Choir, the late Dr. Nathan Carter, my many music contemporaries, and the music folks around me in Imperial Valley...too many to mention

IVCF: If you could say or share one thing about our College and/or our students, what would it be?
HD: IVC is a very challenging and a very rewarding place to work. I hope to be able to be of service here for many years to come.