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2019 Accreditation News


2019 Accreditation Status and Team Report


Dear Campus Community,

I hope you are enjoying the summer.  The College has received the letter from the Accreditation Commission on Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) and it reflects three commendations and two compliance recommendations. Upon review of the Institutional Self Evaluation Report (ISER) and evidence, the Commission proceeded to reaffirm accreditation for 18 months and requested a Follow-Up Report, due on October 1, 2020.   


The Commission distinguishes exemplary performance in the following areas:

Commendation 1: The team commends the College for its comprehensive and reliable services to students regardless of service location or delivery of services. This was exemplified by the implementation and tremendous success of students participating in its Inside Out Program for incarcerated students, in addition to programs that connect individuals to the college such as the Health Center and the IVC Kitchen with the Developing Garden. (II.C.3)

Commendation 2: The team commends the College for establishing the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC), as well as the associated faculty and staff that have created an impressive resource-rich environment to nurture faculty innovation. (III.C.4)

  Commendation 3: The team commends the College for its commitment to students and their success and the transformation of the community as a whole through higher education. There is an organizational culture focused on students that permeates the faculty, staff, and administration. The community also expresses how strongly they feel about the value and role the college plays in being a beacon of hope and change in the region. (IV.A.1, IV.A.5, IV.B.6)

Compliance Requirements

The Commission determined that the College must substantiate compliance with the following Standards, as identified in the compliance requirements:

1. Standard I.B.2, II.A.3, II.B.3 (College Recommendation 1): In order to meet the standards the Commission requires the College to engage in a robust learning outcomes assessment process that is consistent and comprehensive to improve all programs and services.

2. Standards I.B.7, I.B.9 (College Recommendation 2): In order to meet the standards the Commission requires the College to improve the evaluation of processes and systems that are currently in place, and ensure they are more systematic and routine.

In accordance with federal regulations, compliance requirements must be addressed and the College must demonstrate that it aligns with Standards within two years.

Recommendations for Improving Institutional Effectiveness

The Team Report noted Recommendations 3, 4, 5 for improving institutional effectiveness. These recommendations do not identify current areas of deficiency in institutional practice, but consistent with its mission to foster continuous improvement through the peer review process, the Commission encourages institutions to give serious consideration to the peer reviewers' recommendations.  Moreover, a final copy of the Team Report is attached for your review.

In conclusion, I agree with the Commission's action, this result was anticipated.  I am confident we will meet or exceed the recommendations provided. Meanwhile, I also believe it is imperative to acknowledge that the College was provided three commendations.

I would like to sincerely thank every single team member who contributed to the development of the ISER and to everyone who participated or contributed during the peer review site visit. I realize the process of self-improvement requires tremendous time and consistent effort.


Martha O. Garcia, Ed.D.