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Federal Work-Study Program

Federal Work-Study (FWS) provides students the opportunity to work part-time jobs and off-campus and allows them to earn money to help pay education expenses. FWS is a highly desirable type of aid, and funding is extremely limited.

Eligibility is determined based on:

  • Financial aid file completion date
  • Demonstrated unmet financial need
  • Enrollment in a minimum of 6 units of required coursework
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress

If you are determined potentially eligible for Federal Work-Study and are interested in securing a work-study position you are encouraged to:

  1. Accept the Work-Study award offered on WebSTAR
  2. View your IVC Student email for Work-Study Instructions Email for further information. 

Securing a work-study position is the responsibility of the student; there is no guarantee of job placement even if an offer has been accepted. Prior work-study students must also follow these procedures and should know that there is no guarantee of the same work-study job from award year to award year.

Students who are able to secure a position will be required to complete an employment packet and meet all eligibility requirements prior to working. Students are paid an hourly salary and are allocated a certain number of hours that can be worked based on the award offered. A monthly timesheet will be submitted for the hours worked, and once a month, you will receive a paycheck for hours worked the previous month.

Students may work until their Federal Work-Study award is earned in full until FWS funds are depleted or until the end of Spring semester, whichever occurs first. At that time, the FWS job ends. Please refer to the Human Resources Work-Study Student Handbook for more detailed information.

FWS students are expected to maintain the same standards applied to other temporary or permanent employees and adhere to the Fair Labor Standards Act.