World Languages & Communication Studies

20 percentLearn a new language. Explore other cultures. Deepen your global knowledge. Gain important job skills.

We offer 4 different languages for you to choose from. Our helpful and knowledgeable faculty guide you through the process of language acquisition and cultural understanding, and our extracurricular opportunities will further enhance your view of our world.

Our Language Programs

American Sign Language

  • Intro to Advanced Classes
  • AA Degree


  • Beginner's Classes


  • Intro to Intermediate Classes
  • AA Degree


  • Intro to Advanced Classes
  • AA and AA-T Degree

Transfer Requirement

If you are planning to transfer, you need to complete 2 semesters of a language other than English.

From that point, enhance your career options by taking more advanced courses and getting a degree in the language. The benefits include:

  • Meeting your "Language-Other-Than-English" requirement for transfer.
  • Get ahead in your career.
  • Develop the language and cultural skills to help you in your future career in an increasingly global community.
  • Develop your current bilingual skills to an academic/professional level.


Why learn a foreign language



Placement Exam:

Students wanting to take the Spanish Placement test need to follow these steps:

Please remember that only students trying to register for Span 110, 200, 210 and 221 (and have not taken the previous class in the sequence) need to take the placement exam.

  1. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with subject line: Placement exam and the class they want to take. For example: Placement Exam Span 110
  2. Make sure they use their IVC email when they email Jose Ruiz.
  3. Wait for an invitation to a Canvas course titles Spanish Placement Exam.
    1. They will receive a password for the exam.
    2. They will have 60 minutes to finish the exam.
  4. Once they take the exam an email will be sent to Norma Núñez so that she can input the score in the database.

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