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Learning Services Department


The Learning Services Department is part of the Arts and Letters, and  Learning Services Division.  It consists of instructional labs designed to assist students in completing specific assignments intended to supplement and reinforce classroom instruction, and to help students succeed in specific classes through individual tutoring appointments.


Reading/Writing/Language Lab

Reading and Language Labs
Students practice the skills they learn in class by working on computer-based programs and exercises individually or in a class.  
Tutors are available to help students with the programs and answer any questions they have about the skills they are studying.

Writing Lab
Students are referred to the Writing Lab by their instructor, or they come in on their own to receive help on specific writing assignments and to develop their writing skills.
Students make appointments (face-to-face or online) with a writing tutor at a time that is convenient for both of them. The tutor reviews the student's essay, heighlights the effective parts, and explains how to improve the weak areas. The student then works on improving the paper and is welcome to see the tutor again for a follow-up on the assignment.
If a student who is scheduled for an appointment doesn't show up, another student can be taken as a walk-in at that appointment time.


Study Skills Center

The Study Skills Center (SSC) has qualified tutors for all classes offered at IVC, and serves students participating in various counseling programs (EOPS, DSP&S, SSS, etc.).  Students may be referred to the SSC by an instructor or a counselor, or may take the initiative to seek tutoring in a particular class.
Students meet with the same tutor once or twice a week throughout the semester.  The tutor helps the student understand not only course content, but also the thought process required for effective learning.  The SSC also offers conversation classes to help ESL students become more familiar with English and more comfortable speaking it.  Workshops on various study skills are also offered throughout each semester.
Walk-in tutoring for various subjects is offered at various times, based on tutor availability.


Learning Services Department