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Jalen Morquecho


An IVC Story...

Jalen Marquecho

I have always been extremely motivated when it comes to my education wanting to receive the best grades I could get. I always knew I wanted to have a career in the medical field.

My mom has a few close friends who are registered nurses and I grew up watching or hearing them about their career. A few years ago I knew I wanted to become a registered nurse as well. All of the nurses that surrounded me in my childhood attended IVC and when I came to them for advice they immediately said IVC was the best school to follow my dreams. I do not plan on stopping at getting my A.S. I have big goals for myself that include myself receiving my BS as well and after a few years of experience as a travel nurse attending a school that will help me receive my DNP to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Anesthetist.

I knew IVC was the best first step in achieving my goals and helping me get there as well. I do not regret choosing to not attend a four year university because here at IVC we have the same quality of education with less expensive tuition fees. Another great plus is that IVC is only 15 minutes away from my home! I'm also still close to my family and friends. Therefore deciding to come to IVC was the best choice for my education.

My freshman year was definitely a great one! I did well academically and had great professors whom were each different. But each of the them taught me a different life lesson. When people think of IVC they think of just a community college but I cannot emphasize enough how truly amazing this college is. IVC is filled with professors who teach their students as much as possible and not just about that subject either. I know many students my age who would go anywhere just so they won't have to attend IVC but truth is they have no idea how much education they could receive here. I've built such great bonds with some of professors and gets harder each semester to be finished with the class. I love IVC and what they offer for the students.

My first year went very well and I hope the following years go just as smoothly.

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