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Daily Crime Log

In compliance with the Clery Act, the Campus Safety & Parking Control Department maintains a Daily Crime Log. The purpose of the Daily Crime Log is to record all criminal incidents and alleged criminal incidents that are reported to the Campus Safety Office. The Crime Log includes specific information about criminal incidents.  The Daily Crime Log includes the following six informational items:

  • Date reported
  • Nature
  • Case #
  • Date occurred
  • Location
  • Disposition

Information that may likely jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation or the safety of an individual, cause a suspect to flee or evade detection, or result in the destruction of evidence, will be temporarily withheld from this report until the above referenced is no longer likely to occur from the release of this information. Crimes for which the disclosure is prohibited by law or the disclosure would jeopardize the confidentiality of the victim are not included. The Daily Crime Log is open to public inspection, free of charge, upon request, during normal business hours at the Campus Safety & Parking Control Office.

Hate Crimes

Imperial Valley College strives to foster a safe and healthy learning environment that embodies diversity, equality, and inclusion of all members of our campus community.  The Hate Crime statistics are separated by category of prejudice. The numbers for most of the specific crime categories are part of the overall statistics reported for each year. The only exceptions to this are the addition of Simple Assault, Intimidation, and any other crime that involves bodily injury that is not already included in the required reporting categories. If a Hate Crime occurs where there is an incident involving intimidation; destruction, damage, or vandalism of property; larceny; simple assault or other bodily injury, the law requires that the statistic be reported as a hate crime even though there is no requirement to report the crime classification in any other area of the Annual Security Report.

Note: A hate or bias related crime is not a separate, distinct crime, but is the commission of a criminal offense that was motivated by the offender’s bias. For example, a subject assaults a victim, which is a crime. The assault will be classified as a hate/bias crime if proven that the offender was motivated to commit the offense because of his/her bias against the victim’s race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or disability.

Reporting a Hate Crime

IVC Cell Phone 760-483-7411

Campus Safety Office 760-355-6308

Clery Act Crimes