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How to Sign Up for, Add, and Drop Classes at IVC

Once you've applied to IVC and have been accepted, it's time to register for classes. Here's what you need to know about adding classes, getting on a waitlist, and dropping classes.

Register or Add Classes

To Register for classes (and add or drop classes). log in to WebSTAR. WebSTAR and the Student Portal will show the date and time that you may start to register for the next semester.


WebSTAR Login Instructions

  • Go to WebSTAR.
  • For User ID: input your student ID, known as the G#, starts with G00 and six digits after that.
  • For your PIN/Password: If you have not used WebSTAR before, use your birthdate as your first PIN. A new PIN will be required at this time. It must contain a minimum of 8 characters in lenght, lowercase, uppercase letters, numbers and symbols.


Priority Registration

Priority registration assignments are posted in WebSTARSummer Priority Registration Times  approximately two weeks prior to the registration period.
Assignments are based on what population group along with the total degree applicable units you have earned at Imperial Valley College.
Here are some of the groups that may qualify for priority registration: DSP&S, EOPS, ASG, CALWORKS, Veterans, Athletes, ASPIRE, Foster/Homeless Youth, Ambassadors, IVUP, SSS. First-time students may be eligible for priority registration if they have completed the following: orientation, assessment and a student educational plan (SEP).




At Imperial Valley College, we like to help all our students reach their full potential. Student-Parents at IVC can receive priority registration, take advantage of academic and health counseling, join clubs, and support from departments across campus.
Request Student Parent Priority Registration


Waitlist Procedures

Students who attempt to register in a class that is closed may select the option to have his/her name placed on a Waitlist. Students may be added to the wait list for a class on a first-come, first-served basis.

As seats become available, students are given the option via their IVC email to add the class in which they are wait-listed.


Adding a Class After the First Day

Add Authorization codes are required to register after the first day the class meets. Add authorization codes are six-digit numerical codes available only from the instructor. Each code may only be used by the student to which it was assigned tofor that specific class.


Dropping Classes

Students may drop classes through WebSTAR as long as they are within the deadline dates pertaining to the class. Check the class schedule for deadlines.

You are responsible for dropping classes. Instructors may also drop students but are not required to do so. A failing grade will be assigned.

Plan Your Class Schedule

With the course scheduling tool students can easily input preferred courses, block off break times, and instantly generate all optimized schedules that maximize credit hours while balancing learning with life. Check out this video to learn more!


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