1. What does "transfer" mean?

2. What is the relationship between the community college and the university?

3. What is articulation? 

4. What is the difference between the California State University and the University of California?

5. What is the difference between a semester and a quarter?

6. Which  IVC courses transfer to a university?

7. How many units do I need to transfer?

8. If I earn an  Associate degree, will  I be prepared to transfer?

9. Is there a maximum number of units that I can transfer?

10. What if I take more than  70 transferable units?

11. What is the minimum Grade Point  Average (GPA) required for Transfer Admission?

12. What is a competitive GPA for transfer?

13. What is General Education (GE)?

14. What is CSU-GE?

15. What is IGETC?

16. What is GE Certification and why is it important?

17. What is a major?

18. What is an impacted or selective major?

19. When do I have to think about a major?

20. How do I choose a major?

21. How do I find out what classes to take to prepare for my major?

22. What is a minor?

23. When do I have to think about a minor?

24. How do  I find out about the transfer requirements of any particular school?


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