Frequently Asked Questions


1.Will my personal counseling records be a part of my academic file and/or transcripts?


No. Your personal counseling records will be kept completely separate from your academic file. Clinicians must maintain confidentiality as required by law. There are a few exceptions to confidentiality, which will be reviewed with you during your initial intake session.

2.I am a little nervous to start the process. What should I expect when I contact counseling services?


It is normal to be anxious about starting counseling for the first time. First, you will be asked to schedule a screening appointment with a clinician. She will ask you some questions about why you decide to seek services. At this point, depending on the information gained in the screening, the clinician will inform you of the next step in the process.


3.I don't really have any serious problems. Can I still receive services?


Counseling can be beneficial for students who have a struggling with a range of issues. Some students seek help for serious depression, while others may simply need support as they adjust to college life.


4.How many sessions of counseling will I receive?


Counseling services provides short-term therapy for a variety of issues. You and your clinician will discuss your treatment plan and plan the approximate number of session you will attend. The average number of times a student will be seen is 8 sessions.


5.What is the time commitment involved in attending counseling?


Sessions last for 45 - 50 minutes, and are usually once a week. You and your clinician will decide on a schedule that works for you.