Meet Our Veteran Students



Medina Alvaro Collage

Alvaro Medina

Enlisted in 1988, completed bootcamp in San Diego. Trained for Hospital Corpsman at "A" school in Balboa Hospital, San Diego California and continued with Marine Field Medical Service Training (FMF Corpsman) in Camp Le Jeune, North Carolina. Was transerred to Camp Pendleton in California and then aboard the USS Gridley CG-21. Served for 8 years and then was honorably discharged.

Attending IVC with the goal of transferring to San Diego State University - IV Campus.

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Jesus A. Rojo Salazar

I was born November 1987 and raised in the Imperial Valley. I lived in Brawley most of my life. I joined the U.S. Army National Guard  and served from July 2007 to July 2013. I was deployed from August 2008 to August 2009 : Iraq C.O.B Speicher ; C-co 1-185 AR BN, 81st Bde.

Attending IVC to obtain an A.S. in Business Accounting Technician


L. Barajas


Lorenzo M. Barajas Jr.

Born in Indio California, he enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1978 as a tactical wire specialist and was stationed in Wildflecken, Germany with the 1st BN 1st ADA. After being discharged in September 1981, he decided to enlist in the Army National Guard at Indio California with C co. 185th Armor Regiment as a tank crewman/gunner until 1997 when he transferred to the 578th Engineer Battalion in Brawley, California as a combat engineer. Later he transferred to the 1498th Transportation Unit out of Moreno Valley California and deployed with this unit to Kuwait/Iraq in participation of OIF 08/09; upon his return, he joined the last unit of his military career, the combat engineers out of El Centro California in September 11, 2012.


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Steven Gowens

From Greensboro, NC, he enlisted in the United States Navy the 31st of March, 1997 as a Culinary Specialist. 14 years of his naval career were spent aboard various ships; his first duty station was in Sasebo, Japan where he spent 4 years aboard the USS Fort McHenry, further, he spent 3 years in Yokosuka, Japan on the USS Kitty Hawk, and 3 years in Okinawa.

After his tour in Japan he decided to return home to the United States and got stationed on 32nd Street in San Diego aboard the USS Ogden. Following that, he was off to Coronado Navy Seal Training Base as support technician for 3 years, then received orders to serve 3 years aboard the USS Stethem in Yokosuka, Japan, and his final 3 years of service he was a Leading Culinary Specialist in Point Mugu, CA.

Steven currently attends Imperial Valley College and is working towards becoming a certified paramedic.




Brittany Layton

Originally from Los Angeles, California. She joined the Navy and was stationed in Virginia Beach. She spent the past five years working on F-18 Hornet jets as an airframe structural mechanic, while also supporting and caring for her daughter. Currently, she is majoring in University Studies - Arts & Humanities. She hopes some day to be a teacher.