*COVID-19 Financial Aid FAQ's

Will I still be receiving Financial Aid?
If you have already been approved for financial aid, you will continue to receive payments as previously scheduled. If your file is not yet complete, please submit the required documentation.  Once your file is completed, you will be awarded and paid based on the current payment schedule.  You will be notified about awards and payments via your IVC student email.

Will withdrawing due to COVID-19 negatively affect my Academic Progress for Financial Aid purposes?
No, courses dropped due to COVID-19 will not negatively impact Satisfactory Academic Progress evaluations. These courses will not count as units attempted toward completion rate or maximum timeframe.

If I dropped classes, will my financial aid change?
No, even if all courses are dropped due to COVID-19, the Return to Title IV calculation requirement will be waived and you will not be required to return unearned grant funds. If your course fees were waived with the California College Promise Grant (formerly BOG), there are no course fees to be refunded.

Will there be someone to speak to regarding my status of financial aid?
The most updated information is on your WebSTAR, please refer to your Financial Aid Specialist for information.  If your file has not been assigned to a Specialist, you may call 760-355-6266.

Will there be a place where I can fill out my FAFSA or Dream Act application and receive assistance?
You may complete the FAFSA at www.fafsa.ed.gov or the Dream Act application at https://dream.csac.ca.gov/ (AB540 non-FAFSA eligible students only), call 760-355-6266 with any questions.

When will the office be open?
The office will be closed until further notice, please check your emails for updates regarding campus closure and opening date.

Will I still be paid if I am a work-study student?
Yes, you will get paid your average number of hours per week to not exceed your work-study award.

When will the 2020-2021 requirements be available to review?
2020-21 requirements are now available to view on WebSTAR for students who have completed their FAFSA. Click on the link to see "How to check outstanding requirements"

Will I be able to submit documents online or thru fax? e.g. US Citizen, High School Diploma
Documents may be submitted via the verification system and fax (760-355-6119), if fax, please make sure you add your G# to it.  DO NOT submit documents with personal information via email.  If you are having trouble submitting documents, please call 760-355-6266.

My award is not what I expected.
Financial aid is awarded based on units you were enrolled in as of the Freeze date (March 13th). Please check messages on WebSTAR for changes to your payment and call 760-355-6266 with any questions.

I just verified my CalGrant when will I get paid?
If all Cal Grant requirements are verified, you will be paid at the next regularly scheduled payment date.