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Book Vouchers

If you have been awarded and determined eligible for a Pell Grant by 10 days prior to the start of the semester you may be eligible for a book voucher. A book voucher is an advance of your Pell Grant funds that may be used to purchase books and other school related supplies at the campus bookstore.

To qualify, you must have satisfied all eligibility requirements, registered for courses and be eligible for a Pell Grant refund. Book vouchers will made available at the campus bookstore for students who qualify one week prior to the start of the semester and must be used by the end of the second week of the semester. The amount will be based on your enrollment status on the date of determination.

One week prior to school starting, check your messages on WEBSTAR to see if you have been approved for a book voucher . We will continue to approve book vouchers as students are awarded throughout the entire book voucher availability period.  If you have not been approved and your file is complete, it may be that your file has not yet been awarded.  Check WEBSTAR daily for any updated messages. All book vouchers must be used by the end of the second week of the semester, no matter when your book voucher was approved. The amount spent using your book voucher will be deducted from your first disbursement. If you fail to start school or withdraw from your courses prior to the first disbursement, you will be required to repay 100% of your bookstore charges. 

Please note that Satisfactory Academic Progress must be evaluated in order to determine eligibility. If grades are pending review, a book voucher will not be available. No book vouchers are available for Summer term due to the short amount of time between Spring and Summer terms. Please make arrangements to get your books and take this into consideration when enrolling in classes.


2013-14 Book Voucher Availability Dates


Fall 2013

Spring 2014

You must be awarded and   registered for courses by this date to be initially approved.





Book vouchers available at   the bookstore


8/13/2013 to 8/30/2013


1/14/2014 to 1/31/2014

Students awarded and eligible during this period will be automatically approved for a book voucher.


8/13/2013 to 8/28/2013


1/14/2014 to 1/29/2014


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