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Associated Student Government

The student Activities/Governance Program is an essential and fundamental part of the college's educational mission. As the center of college community life, it serves as a laboratory of citizenship, training students in social responsibility and for leadership in our democracy. Through its various committees and staff, it provides a cultural, social and recreational program aiming to make free-time activity a cooperative factor with study in education.

In all its processes it encourages self-directed activity, giving maximum opportunity for self-realization and for growth in individual social competency and group effectiveness. Its goal is the development of the total person as well as stimulating the intellect. Student Activities/Governance Program serves as a unifying force in the life of the college, cultivating enduring regard for and loyalty of the college.

Welcome Message from the IVC ASG President

Hello, my name is Priscila Ortiz and I am your new 2014-2015 President.  I would like to welcome all new and returning students, staff, faculty, and administrators on behalf of the Associated Student Government. I am looking forward to this upcoming year, and hope to make it an enjoyable and productive experience for everyone. For that, I encourage all students to become involved, whether it is by joining one of the many clubs we have on campus, serving on our Student Senate and/or attending campus events.  It is important for all of us to be aware of the various issues happening on and off campus, and the only way to voice student concerns is by having all the students engaged. I will listen and try to address students' needs and concerns and I am also open to suggestions because I am here to help and represent you.

Priscila Ortiz, ASG President 2014-2015


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