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Learn more by visiting the Road to Recovery section! Victor Jaime - Interim Superintendent and President

Dear Friends,

Imperial Valley College is facing its most serious fiscal crisis in many years due to the ongoing state budget situation and resulting cutbacks to higher education.

We are not alone. Statewide, since the 2009-10 Academic Year, actual per student funding has been cut by $300 while the cost of living has increased by 16 percent. Funding for 130,000 full-time equivalent students has been slashed and there have been deep cuts to student success initiatives. Meanwhile, fees have doubled from $600 per year (on the average) to $1,380 per year.

All of these have been driven by the state legislature and the monumental fiscal disaster California has been facing. For more information, please visit the California Community College League at this link: http://www.ccleague.net/february-surprise/.

It is our job at the local level to factor these realities into our budget and keep this college afloat.

Please be assured, we will succeed.

Over the coming weeks and months, you will see changes at IVC. There potentially could be personnel reductions and some curtailment of services as we steer your college on this Road to Recovery. Our focus will continue to be on serving students in our core areas: transfer, career technical education and basic skills. Access to our class sections will continue to be impacted in the foreseeable future but we will do everything possible to provide as many class sections as is fiscally prudent at this time.

In situations such as this, rumors can fly.

That is why we have posted this "Road to Recovery" page on our website. Please refer to this site for accurate information and please send this link to your friends.

Victor Jaime Ed.D.
Interim Superintendent/President

The issues we are having with our telephone carriers are ongoing. The issues involve our old carrier failing to release certain telephone numbers to our new carrier. This is resulting in these numbers being inaccessible from certain local calling prefixes. In other words, someone with a local number may not be able to direct-dial a particular number on campus.

Until we are able to resolve the issues, there is a temporary way to mitigate the situation. The main number, 760-352-8320, is accessible from all prefixes. If callers dial this number, they can then transfer to any extension by entering the extension number at the appropriate prompt.

We apologize for this temporary inconvenience, we are confident that our carrier will be able to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Campus IT

Imperial Valley College debuted its annual student art show on Thursday at an informal reception in the Juanita Lowe Gallery on campus.

The 7th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition of the Millennium will be on display during regular gallery hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday until April 4.

The following slideshow is a preview of the exhibition by IVC journalism student Brandy Ronek.



By Ishmael Ramirez and Alexandra Rangel

Photos by Brandy Ronek

IMPERIAL, Calif.--Award-winning documentary filmmakers were featured speakers before a local audience of more than 50 students, artists, and journalists at Imperial Valley College on Saturday Feb. 18 in the first Sundance Institute documentary filmmaking workshop for storytellers that included instructing participants in how to secure artistic and financial support.

"We support artists of independent vision who are inspired to make whatever their story is," Rahdi Rahdi Taylor of the Sundance Institute introduces filmmakers at IVC's Science Center lecture hall Feb. 18Taylor, associate director of the documentary film program at Sundance, said. The renowned Utah-based organization funds an international range of 30 to 40 artists every year with more than $1 million in grant-funding, although Taylor said there are no prerequisites to apply for a grant.

"We don't care, per se, whether or not you've attended film school, or have certain kinds of degrees and experiences," Taylor said during the workshop introduction. "You do have to have the material, the work that speaks for itself. It's about the work, and it's about the passion of the artist."

Sundance-funded filmmaker Jennifer Maytorena Taylor advised workshop participants on how to establish a rapport with the people being filmed in a documentary. Maytorena Taylor showed clips of Documentary filmmaker Jennifer Maytorena Taylor discusses her documentary "Paulina"the award-winning "Paulina," a film she co-produced in 1998 with Vicky Funari, chronicling the lifelong hardships of a woman from Veracruz, Mexico, who was sold by her parents into slavery at a very young age.

In order to get the precise emotion and footage Maytorena Taylor wanted for the film, she said she had to establish a trusting relationship with the title subject, Paulina Cruz Suarez. Maytorena Taylor and her crew needed to make Paulina feel comfortable, because she would frequently become emotional during filming and interviewing. Producing Paulina's story took more than three years.

The IVC/Sundance workshop, which was also co-presented by the Imperial County Film Commission, was a means of learning artistic methods for participants like students from the documentary film class at Universidad Autonoma de Baja California in Mexicali, Mexico, headed by instructor Paulina Castro.

"The tips were really good," said Castro. "I loved the comparison of techniques between Ray andMore than 50 workshop participants were in attenance from the Imperial, Mexicali and Yuma valleys. Jennifer," she said. "It was very good to get both the male and female perspective."

Richard Ray Perez, the second documentary presenter at the workshop, tutored attendees in a timeline method of storytelling—specifically with his documentary story of labor leader Cesar Chavez during a 36-day fasting odyssey in the 1980s, and weaving Chavez's personal 65-year history into the storyline.

Sundance chose the Imperial Valley as its first documentary workshop venue because of its so-called "underserved" locale.

"There's so much to be told," said former high school science teacher Vincent Suerta, who was in attendance. "The field is so open, and there is nothing coming out of here. No movies. No books. This is where the real stories are rooting from."

While Sundance chose the Imperial Valley for its first documentary workshop venue, another Sundance program—Film Forward—will present a documentary event from May 1-4 in conjunction with the second annual Imperial Valley Film Festival and Artists Showcase.

Alexandra Rangel, Ishmael Ramirez and Brandy Ronek are journalism students at Imperial Valley College.


Monday, Oct. 3rd, 2011
9am to Noon • DePaoli Sports Complex

pdfView Flyer

The IVC Redistricting Citizen's Advisory Committee will meet again at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday September 27 in the Board Room to finish revisions to draft scenarios in preparation for holding public workshops throughout the IVC District in October.

All committee meetings are open to the public.

On Tuesday, September 20, the committee eliminated two scenarios from consideration (Scenarios 2 and 3) and modified Scenario 1. It will continue work on modifications to Scenarios 4 and 5. This again will be a working meeting with lots of interaction with the demographer. The committee will adjust the scenarios on the spot to see how boundaries would change using various data inputs.

All scenarios under consideration are posted on the redistricting website at http://www.imperial.edu/faculty-and-staff/campus-committees/advisory-and-mandated-committees/redistricting/proposed-scenarios/scenarios/

Community meetings have been scheduled as follows:

  • District 1 Calexico: 6 p.m.(Tuesday) October 11 in the Calexico Unified School District Board Room, 901 Andrade Ave.
  • District 2 El Centro: 6 p.m. (Wednesday) October 12 in the Central Union High School District Board Room, 351 Ross Ave.
  • District 3 Imperial: 6 p.m. (Thursday) October 13 in the Imperial Unified School District Board Room, 219 N. E Street
  • District 4 Brawley: 6 p.m. (Tuesday) October 18 in the Brawley Union High School District Board Room, 480 N. Imperial Ave.
  • District 5 Holtville: 6 p.m. (Wednesday) October 26 in the Holtville Unified School District Board Room, 621 E. Sixth St.
  • District 6 Calipatria: 6 p.m. (Tuesday) October 25 in the Calipatria Unified School District Board Room, 501 W. Main St.
  • District 7 San Pasqual/Winterhaven 6 p.m. (Thursday) October 27: location to be determined.

The Redistricting Citizen's Advisory Committee Meeting will be 5:30 p.m. September 20 in the Board Room. The demographer will be returning with an additional redistricting concept as discussed at the Board workshop last week. This will be a working meeting with lots of interaction with the demographer. We will be able to tweak the scenarios on the spot to see how boundaries would change using various data inputs. It should be an interesting and informative meeting.

The scenarios are posted on the redistricting website at http://www.imperial.edu/faculty-and-staff/campus-committees/advisory-and-mandated-committees/redistricting/proposed-scenarios/scenarios/

We will be seeking a consensus from the group of the scenarios we will be taking into the October Community meetings.

The public is invited.

Imperial Valley College will be holding an organizational Redistricting Advisory Committee meeting 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, August 30th in the Board Room.

Representatives from GCR, LLC, the college’s attorneys for the redistricting effort, will be making a presentation on the process and the upcoming schedule will be discussed.

The committee, which was appointed by the board, will be providing input to the district regarding redistricting options. Members are Victor Carrillo, Gerald Gauna, Julio Rodriguez, Robert Barros, Raul Navarro, Ned Foss and Vivian Perez. Alternates are Monica Ketchum, Eric Reyes, Michael Minnix, Ellen Verdugo, Glen Sampson, Carol Land, Erasmo Gonzales. Mayra Beltran has been appointed by the IVC Associated Students.

IVC Trustees have started a process that will result in major changes to the way trustees are elected as well as boundaries of areas they represent.

The board voted in July to modify trustee area boundaries and change from “at large” to “trustee area” elections.

Currently, the seven trustees must live within the boundaries of a specific area, which correspond to boundaries for the county’s high school or unified school districts: Brawley Union, Central Union, Calexico Unified, Holtville Unified, San Pasqual Unified, Imperial Unified and Calipatria Unified. All residents of the Imperial Community College District vote for all trustee candidates on the ballot.

That will change, beginning in November 2012, when residents will only vote for candidates who reside in their trustee area.

There will be a memorial service for Dr. Fred Fischer on September 16, 2011 at Imperial Valley College. Former colleagues and students are invited to room 2734 at 4:00 p.m. to remember and honor Dr. Fischer, who died recently of a sudden illness.

Please note that the Calexico Extended Campus center has been closed. However, classes and services will continue to be provided at the SDSU Calexico Campus and at William Moreno Jr. High School. The SDSU office phone number is 760-768-5543; the William Moreno Jr. High office phone number is still pending.

SDSU Campus: The operating hours are 8am to 5pm in office 108. The SDSU phone number may not be functioning yet, but should be functioning by tomorrow. The phone number is a direct line to the IVC student representative and may be given out to students.

William Moreno Jr. High: The operating hours are 5pm to 10pm in the mobile classrooms on the northwest part of the campus. The William Moreno Jr. High phone number is still pending.

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