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Upward Bound Math & Science


The IVC Upward Bound Math & Science program has been supporting local students since 2016. Students in the Upward Bound Math & Science (UBMS) will participate in fun and engaging activities that will explore STEMM, computers, science, biology, chemistry, engineering, and math. The activities will provide an opportunity for students to also meet local and out of county professionals from the STEMM career industry. The afterschool activities and Saturday events will help improve the student's skills in the area of Math and Science. Students will get to meet with professors and STEMM professionals who will provide the guidance necessary to reach their goals of obtaining a degree in math or science. Students in the UBMS program explore careers in Engineering, Computer Science, Anthropology, Paleontology, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Cosmology & Much More!


The IVC Upward Bound Math and Science (UBMS) serves high school students from low-income families and high school students from families in which neither parent holds a bachelors degree. All program activities and services are free of charge to qualifying students. Currently we only have the UBMS program in Calexico, Central, Southwest and Brawley high school. Students must be currently in the 9 th and 10 th grade to apply to the UBMS program. Students must also demonstrate a strong interest in careers in Math or Science.

In addition to the services listed on the Upward Bound home page (tutoring, summer courses, field trips, counseling & guidance), the Upward Bound Math & Science provides activities such as:

  • Computer Science workshops and courses
  • Robotics activities
  • Hands-on Biology and Chemistry activities
  • Workshops take place at the IVC science labs and UC San Diego
  • Meet with STEMM professionals during the Saturday and Summer workshops
  • STEMM career exploration
  • College counseling and guidance
  • 3-D Printing Workshops
  • Virtual Reality Workshops
  • Coding Workshops
  • Game Design

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