The Student Support Services TRiO Program has been hosted at Imperial Valley College since 1975, and is currently funded to provide support to 325 students. The Student Support Services TRiO Program is committed to providing students with services, resources, and information that will help them reach their academic goals. Through personalized counseling/advising, referrals to campus resources, student workshops and services, we strive to help students succeed during their journey through college.

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New Student Orientation
Counselors provide new students with an orientation to the program and the college. Information provided will include but will not be limited to: student expectations, campus services and resources, course registration, financial aid, college policies, rules, and regulations, review of the college website and demonstration on how to access CANVAS, Webstar, Degree Works and the My Priority Registration Link.
Academic & Personal Counseling
Students work with counselors to develop an individualized Student Education Plan (SEP), which may include both a short-term plan and long-term plan. Counselors assist students in exploring career/professional goals, developing academic skills and strategies, and preparing for opportunities in the job market and/or university. Counselors also support students through emotional issues or potential barriers which may affect their academic success.

Career/Professional Exploration
Counselors assist students in the career exploration process by providing them with guidance counseling and various career exploration tools. In addition, counselors may also refer students to the IVC Career Technical Center (CTE) to further engage in career exploration and/or prepare for employment.

Academic Monitoring & Tutoring Referrals
Counselors provide students with timely interventions and academic services such as tutoring, study skills workshops, and/or referrals to other support services. SSS staff can also provide referrals for additional academic support from the Study Skills Center.

The Program offers students with free pencils, scantrons, note cards, pens, and Blue/Green Books (large & small).

Transfer Advising & Preparation
Counselors provide students with assistance in completing transfer applications, FAFSA applications, writing personal statements, and providing letters of recommendation upon request. Students are encouraged to transfer and pursue undergraduate study through participation in college fairs and workshops addressing transfer preparation strategies.

Various workshops are provided to SSS students throughout the year with opportunities for academic and personal development. Topics, which vary each semester in response to student need, include but are not limited to: career exploration, study skills, financial literacy, resume writing, interviewing skills, and time management.

Annual Recognition Ceremony
In the Spring semester, graduating/transferring/certificated SSS-TRiO students and their families are honored at a ceremony preceding College commencement. Students are recognized for their participation in SSS-TRiO and completion of their program of study.

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