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EMT 105 Course Completion Cost

Enrollment Fees
EMT 105 course = 7.5 units 
 Residents $46 per unit  $345.00
 Non-Resident/International $276 per unit  $2,070.00
 Student Representative Fee  Per term/semester  $2.00
 Student Health Fee  *Fall/Spring per term/semester-- $20
*Winter/Summer term/semester-$16
 Parking Fee per term  *Fall/Spring per term/semester
$25 per vehicle
$20 each additional vehicle
$15 per motorcycle
*Summer/Winter per term/semester:
$15 per vehicle
$10 each additional vehicle
$12 per motorcycle
 CPR  (BLS Provider E-Card)  $5.00
 Books    $120-200.00
 Uniforms  Border Tactical  $30-50.00
Background/Drug Screening American Data Bank $85-130.00
Immuzation/Student Health Packet The cost of these immunizations may be covered by IVC through the Student Health Center and the Imperial County Public Health Department. Students may go to their own Physician/Provider at their own cost. Students requiring a chest x-ray may be have to pay an additional amount.
IVC ID Badge Required for Clinical $5.00



 National Registry Online Exam Fee  $150.00
 State Certification Fee (Imperial County Health Dept – EMS) $85.00 + (plus) any additional county cost  $85.00

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