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Fire Technology Degree & Certification Info

Fire Technology is the study of the organization and function of fire prevention and suppression techniques; fire behavior, combustible materials, extinguishing agents, hazardous and toxic material; fire protection techniques and systems; and fire command and fire management (supervision).

Imperial Valley College offers a Certificate of Achievement in Fire Technology and an Associate of Science degree. The certificate of achievement is designed to provide students with skills necessary for employment or advancement as entry-level firefighters. The Fire Technology degree program is designed for students intending to enter the fire service as a career, as well as for in-service fire personnel wishing to enhance their professional and academic expertise. Students earning an associate's degree in Fire Technology may pursue positions as a firefighter, paramedic, or firefighter/EMT or may choose to continue their study in fire technology or fire service toward a bachelor's degree.

Fire Technology Degree and Certificate Course Requirements

Career Opportunities:

Fire Technology courses may advance the firefighter options in careers at the city and county fire stations. Some career opportunities may require additional training or completion of a four-year college/university degree. Students intending to transfer to a four-year college should consult a counselor for specific requirements.

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