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Mission Statement

The staff at the Study Skills Center would like to thank the Chancellor's office for the confidence and support we have received to further expand our Embedded Tutoring Program. IVC has been awarded an "Innovation Award" to improve the quality and breadth of our program. The goal of this program is to improve student success and retention rates, as well as close equity gaps. Our program focuses on Student-Centered Learning: active, cooperative and inductive learning. We hope that through this award we can make a positive difference in our student's college experience. As always, the Study Skills Center is committed to student success.


  • Shown marked increased in success and retention

Classes participating in the Embedded Tutoring Program have shown marked increases in success and retention. For example, CHEM 100 in Fall 2017, enjoyed up to an 83.33% success rate.

  • Embedded tutoring services

Students develop trust with the embedded tutors through day-to-day interaction. They also feel more comfortable when surrounded by other students that are asking for help from the tutors.

  • Academic support designed around students availability

The review sessions that are provided by embedded tutors are specifically designed to work around the schedule of the class.

  • Target classes that have been challenging for students

The range of courses that currently have an embedded tutor covers different demographics (i.e. high unemployment rate, high proverty, low literacy, low numbers of college graduates). However, the needs of traditionally disadvantaged population such as foster youth, first generation college students, veterans, and incarcerateds have also been focused.

  • Increased access to Learning Services

Students become more familiar with embedded tutors from day-to-day interaction. Many times they even request further one-to-one tutoring and they become more aware of other tutoring services that are offered.

  • Group tutoring outside classroom

The embedded tutor provides two hours of group tutoring outside the classroom (review sessions). This provides immediate access to learning services for students in each embedded classroom. Students who otherwise would not feel comfortable seeking a tutor on their own are now able to attend review session and receive the academic assistance they need.

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