Mascot Identity Taskforce

On March, 17, 2021, the Imperial Community College District Board of Trustees voted to retire the IVC Arabs Mascot. Led by the Associated Students Government, Imperial Valley College officials established a Mascot Identity Taskforce to gather input regarding the use of Arab as the college district's mascot. The feedback showed that the campus community, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members endorsed retiring the Arab as the mascot and creating a new symbol that represents an inclusive and safe environment for all.

Using mascots, symbols, images, logos, nicknames, and actions that diminish any race, ethnicity, national origin, or belief hinders the educational experiences of community members. Therefore, a strategic brand plan is currently being developed by the Mascot Identity Taskforce aimed at creating a welcoming, supportive environment where people feel welcomed, hopeful, and most importantly, at home, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment.

 Imperial Valley College supports policies promoting educational equity, striving to create safe, inclusive and supportive environments for all students, staff, families and members of the community, where diversity is acknowledged, respected, and celebrated, and where everyone can pursue their goals with a sense of belonging.

*Disclaimer* artwork submitted in IVC's 2022 Mascot Logo Submission Contest will still be used in consideration of the creation of the new mascot voted on by the majority.

We ask you to help us choose our new mascot!
To end 3/31

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