IVC's Legacy

IVC Staff 1972While the 2022 IVC Diamond Jubilee is a significant event in our Valley's higher education opportunities, this legacy actually began in 1922 with the founding of Central Junior College in El Centro.

It was in September, 1922 that the first classes were held there, in a building located on the grounds of Central Union High School. Two years later, in the fall of 1924, instruction began at a second college, Brawley Junior College, on the grounds of Brawley Union High School.

Enrollment increased in both schools until World War II, when attendance dropped sharply. Brawley Junior College was forced, by lack of attendance, to discontinue classes at the close of the 1947 school year. The former college building is still used as classrooms at BUHS.

Health Technologies RIBBON CUTTING 9 17 87In the fall of 1951, Central Junior College students petitioned their governing board, the Central Union High School Board of Trustees, for a more representative name for the college because it was now serving students from all of the Imperial Valley. The board agreed to change the college's name to Imperial Valley College.

Under the administration of the Central Union High School District, IVC gained recognition as an accredited institution of higher education. As the institution grew with the community, this growth was reflected in the steady rise in enrollment and in the diversity of courses and curricula.

After the new college district was formed, IVC classes were held on the Imperial High School campus, in "temporary" buildings while the Aten Road campus was constructed. Those "temporary" buildings were later moved to the Aten Road site and served as IVC classrooms for the next five decades.

The building that once housed IVC on the CUHS campus was used as high school classrooms until it was torn down when construction began on Central's new STEM building that opened last year.

 1969 FALLCommuinity event October 1961 GroundbreakingMilo Johnson left IVC groundbreaking Oct. 29 1961


2030 Vision Comprehensive Master Plan

The Imperial Valley College 2030 Vision Comprehensive Master Plan serves as the blueprint for the College's organizational development and the fulfillment of its mission to foster excellence in education that challenges students in achieving their educational and career goals, and responds to the needs of the greater community. Specifically, the plan aligns the College's strategic goals and objectives, including those of instructional programs, student equity and achievement programs, technology, human resources staffing, enrollment management, long-range financial plans, and campus development plan, with those established in the Vision for Success.

Notably, the Comprehensive Master Plan which was developed in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic, is designed to transform Imperial Valley College into a more agile institution that shapes its future through strategic responses to challenging socioeconomic conditions, system-wide initiatives, shifting priorities, rapidly-accelerating technological changes, climate change, and critical matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The 2030 Vision Comprehensive Master Plan positions IVC to build upon its successes while intensifying its focus on student success and creating a more agile and resilient future campus.

College Mission

The mission of Imperial Valley College is to foster excellence in education that challenges students of every background to develop their intellect, character, and abilities; to assist students in achieving their educational and career goals; and to be responsive to the greater community.

2030 Vision Master Plan

Master Plan


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