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IVC Chamber Orchestra

IVC chamber orch. with Hope 11 2 22

Dr. Hope Davis teaches and directs the IVC Chamber Orchestra, including students taking MUS 171 and 804.

MUS 171 Chamber Orchestra (Credit): A study and performance of literature for a small orchestra. Performances in local communities and on campus are required. Field trips to other musical events will be included to help performers develop efficient listening and evaluating practices. Solo and ensemble rehearsals and performances included. Maximum credit four units. (Accepted for credit at CSU,UC)

MUS 804 Chamber Orchestra for Older Adults (Noncredit): Designed for older students who have an interest in learning to play in a chamber orchestra. Performances in the local community and on campus are required. Introduction to music theory as a means of learning to read music rather than learning by rote. The course intends to assist older adults in identifying and examining personal interests and aptitudes in performing music to enhance mental acuity and creativity, as well as appreciation of the arts. (Nontransferable, nondegree applicable)

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