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  • Alternate PaperCut Copier Login Method

    It is easiest to simply use the last 6 digits of your G#, plus any required PIN/Account Codes because it should be quicker typing in only numbers, but you do have the additional option to also use your IVC username (usually the first part of your IVC email address) and your IVC password to login to PaperCut.

    Alternate Login Steps:

    1. Enter in your IVC Username (e.g. jdoe2 or john.doe)
    2. Enter in your IVC Password (same password used to get into your IVC email account)
    3. For Staff: You may need to enter in an account code as well
    Created on 17/08/2012 in PaperCut

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Staff Login Form

Please use the first part of your IVC Email (e.g. joe.smith) and your Email Password to login. If you are a student, please use the Student Portal to login.