G.L.E.A.M. Program

Gaining Leadership Expertise, Aptitude, and Mentoring

Outline of PROGRAM

Purpose: Recognizing that changes in management are inevitable, Imperial Valley College (IVC) has established a succession plan to provide continuity in leadership and to avoid extended and costly vacancies in key positions. Succession planning is the process that organizations use to identify and prepare candidates for high-level management positions that become vacant due to retirement, resignation, or new opportunities. With a growing number of administrators and managers becoming eligible for retirement, programs like G.L.E.A.M. are essential in proactively preparing IVC’s staff to continue meeting the needs of the community.

Succession planning will assist IVC in accomplishing the following:

  • "Grow our own" philosophy by cultivating and developing internal talent pools;
  • Furthering diversity through the systematic development of women and minorities;
  • Maintain and pass-on vital information and skills of current leaders;
  • Provide important feedback and guidance to potential leaders;
  • Shorten the learning curve for future leaders to meet strategic challenges;
  • Organize and track the number of administrators /managers who are eligible for retirement;
  • Recognize that increasingly demanding and escalating competencies are required to understand California Community Colleges as a whole;
  • Increase commitment and loyalty;
  • Move towards a culture of internal teaching /mentoring and learning;
  • Recognize that evolving roles are needed to manage new initiatives, to revitalize work units, and to develop strategies that lead IVC to future improvement and growth

Goals: The four basic goals of this succession plan include:

  • Identification of critical leadership positions within the organization;
  • Identification of future vacancies in those positions and;
  • Identification of current employees who could potentially fill those vacancies;
  • Formation of a mentoring program;


What if I can’t attend every monthly session?
Administration understands that everyone still has a job and a life outside of work, no one will be dropped from the program if they can’t attend all of the sessions.

How would this program help me?
This is a great opportunity to learn more about how our college works and get some firsthand knowledge from the people who lead specific areas. It will also help you understand different types of leadership and more about your own leadership style. You get to have one-on-one meetings to discuss a variety of things with an administrative mentor.

Who can I talk to about the program? Feel free to contact me or any of last year’s participants for additional information.