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Folder RFP No. 20-21-16 Library HVAC Replacement (Building 1500)


pdf Addendum #3: RFI Responses Popular

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Addendum 3 - Library HVAC - RFI Responses (1).pdf

pdf Bid Tabulation Popular

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RFP 20-21-16 - Bid Tabulation - Library HVAC Replacement (Building 1500).pdf

pdf CUPCCAA Formal Bid and Contract Docs Popular

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IVC RFP No 20-21-16 and Contract Docs_Library HVAC Replacement - Building 1500 (1).pdf

pdf DSA Approved Plans Popular

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04-119862_DWG_A - DSA Approved Plans (1).pdf

pdf Mandatory Job Walk Attendance Sheet Popular

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Library HVAC Replacement - Bid Walk Attendance.pdf

pdf Project Manual Popular

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04-119862_SPC_A Project Manual (1).pdf

pdf Tests and Special Inspections Popular

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04-119862_103_A Tests and Special Inspections.pdf

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