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Upon approval of Standards and Training for Corrections (STC), Imperial Valley College will be hosting a Correctional Academy in Fall 2019. We have developed a wait list for students interested in attending this academy. Please click on the button below to place yourself on the wait list.

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This academy will be the Adult Corrections CORE Course from Standards and Training for Corrections (STC). The course will be designed to meet the STC requirements for entry level corrections officers in adult detention facilities and county jails. It is not a certification to work in state prisons. This course will include various legal issues dealing with incarcerated offenders as well as supervision of inmates. Training will include: transportation, report writing, receiving and release, blood borne pathogens and CPR/First Aid.


  • United States citizens or applying for U.S. citizenship
  • High school diploma or GED
  • No felonies or misdemeanors
  • DOJ Clearance Letter


You must register with the college to take these classes. You must first apply to IVC and then an email will be sent to your student email account within a 24-hour period. Open the email and confirm your enrollment.

Step 1: Apply to IVC

If you are coming from another academy, you will need to fill out a STUDENT PETITION. You will have to come down to the college and obtain signatures form the Director and Dean before turning your form in to the Admissions and Records office in Building 10. You will also need to send the Admissions and Records office your official transcripts.

If you need assistance with our Admissions process, please call 760-355-6353.


A list of college fees can be found on the link below. You'll need to add on what applies to you such as Student Representation and Student Health fees. Non California Residents fees are increased.

List of College/Student Fees


Pending information


Please contact the Military and Veteran Success Center at 760-355-6141.


IVC offers scholarships that students can apply for. To view the list of open scholarships click on this link:

Available IVC Scholarships

For assistance with applying to one of these scholarships, contact Monica Rogers at the IVC Foundation 760-355-6411.