IVC RN Program – TEAS Pre-entrance Test

All RN and LVN to RN applicants must pass the TEAS with a 62% or higher score.

This is a diagnostic test in basic Math, Reading, and Science. Students who fail to achieve a passing score must complete additional course work. The TEAS is an online computer test administered by a test proctor in the IVC Nursing Learning Center (NLC). If students do not pass on the first attempt, a remediation plan will be required to test a second time and no sooner than six (6) months after the first test – see instructions below. Proof of remediation and results of first and second test attempts must be attached to the nursing program application. 

  • ATI TEAS (Version 6) required
  • Tutorial sessions not available at IVC.
  • Students purchase the TEAS resources on their own, see Test Preparation below. Practice tests strongly recommended before taking the actual test.
  • Points awarded when the student has passed with 62% or higher. A 3-year wait time is required to retest for a higher score.
    • 90 - 100% = 20 points
    • 70 - 89% = 17 points
    • 62 - 69% = 12 points
    • 61% or less= 0 points

  • A 6-month wait period is required to retest if the student did not pass with 62%. 
    • If the first attempt is a score of 55% or lower Math and Science, additional remediation in these areas will be needed.
    • If scoring 60% or lower in Reading, remediation such as taking additional ENG or READ courses may be necessary. This may involve the assistance of the program counselor.
    • A score less than 80% on the practice assessments indicates that the student is not ready to test. Additional personal study is needed which is the foundation for preparing for the TEAS.
    • If seeking a higher score for points, students must wait three (3) years before retesting, regardless of where they took the test. The test can be repeated if the version changes.
    • If a passing score is not achieved after two attempts regardless of where it was taken, the student can no longer apply to the Registered Nursing Program at IVC.
  • Students who take the TEAS at other locations must request a 'TEAS Transcript' to be sent to Imperial Valley College Nursing Department.

Test Preparation

  • It is recommended students complete all prerequisite coursework first before attempting to take the TEAS.
  • Study materials are obtained directly from ATI Nursing Education
    • IVC Nursing recommends the following study materials:
  • Log on to the ATI website and create an account, noting your username and password available

IVC Testing Dates

  • IVC Nursing will offer a one-week TEAS Information Workshop from June 24th – 27th, 9 am – 4 pm (Please sign up in the NLC - 760-355-6530)
  • Fall 2019 TEAS testing :
 Day  Date  Time  Room
 Friday  August 30, 2019  8:30am  2158
 Friday  September 13, 2019  8:30am  2158
 Friday  September 27, 2019  8:30am  2158

Students must register following the instructions below under 'How to Register'.

How to register

  • Contact the IVC Nursing Learning Center at 760-355-6530 or 6538. Leave a message if no answer, include a call back phone #, email address, and reason for call as the NLC is a very busy center for pre-nursing, nursing and allied health students.
  • Once you have registered, you are scheduled for that day. Cancellations are necessary 24 hours before day of testing –  no shows may need to wait to reschedule testing. Students should not schedule to take the TEAS if they feel they are not ready.

On the day of the test:

  • Print out the IVC TEAS Survey and submit to the testing proctor
  • Bring a picture ID – IVC Student ID or CA driver's license acceptable - students without the proper ID will not be allowed to test
  • Bring a pencil or pen
  • Plan on arriving minimum 20 minutes before check-in to have time to park and check in. Late admissions after check-in are not accepted.
  • The test is held in Room 2158 of the 2100 Health Sciences Building, Nursing Computer Lab – an IVC parking pass or day pass will be required.