Apprenticeship Programs

  • Electrician (APEL)
  • Generation Mechanic (APGN)
  • Hydro-Operator (APHY)
  • Instrument Technician (APIN)
  • Power Lineman (APLN)
  • Power Plant Operator (APPL)
  • Meter Technician (APMT)
  • Relays Technician (APRL)
  • SCADA/Telecommunications (APSC)
  • Substation Electrician (APSB)
  • Telecommunications Technician (APTL)

Program Sponsor

  • Imperial Irrigation District (IID)
  • IID provides 8,000 hours of required on-the-job-training

 Local Education Agencay (LEA)

  • Imperial Valley College (IVC)
  • IVC prices the Related and Supplemental Instruction (RSI)


  • 32 total units: 8 college level courses (4 units each)
  • Must maintain a 2.0 GPA
  • All apprentice students must successfully pass ELTT 101, ELTT 102, ELTT 103, & ELTT 104
  • All apprentice students must successfully pass AP** 105, AP** 106, AP** 107, & AP** 108

Training Sites

  • IID El Centro Training Center (ECTR) 1284 Main St, El Centro, CA
  • IID Employee Training Center (ETC) 333 E Barioni Blvd, Imperial, CA
  • IID Steam Plant (SP) Villa & Dogwood, El Centro, CA
  • IID La Quinta (LQ) 81600 Avenue 58, La Quinta, CA

Admission to Apprenticeship Program

  • Interested candidates must submit employment packet for an Apprentice position to Imperial Irrigation District (IID) Human Resources, 1283 Main St, El Centro, CA. See IID website at and click Careers for info on open Apprentice positions.

Through this apprenticeship effort, the retiring skilled workforce is replenished with new skilled workers to keep California's economic engine running strong.

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