Media Services Department

The Media Services Department is responsible for maintaining classroom presentation equipment and for providing training to those who will use the equipment. The training is usually provided in a one-on-one scenario in the particular classroom and with the actual equipment you will be utilizing. To limit lost instruction time, we will also respond to your classroom to provide "refresher" training, or troubleshoot and resolve problems encountered during class periods.

All classrooms in the 2700 building as well as in the 400 building are fully equipped with the new "smart classroom" standard Imperial Valley College has adopted. Although nearly every other classroom on campus has at least an LCD Data Projector and DVD/VHS Player installed, Media Services Department maintains a limited inventory of additional multimedia equipment instructors can order to ensure they are able to fully utilize their lecture materials.

This inventory includes:

TV/DVD/VCR carts
LCD data projectors
Document Cameras (ELMO's)
Overhead projectors (transparency)
Film and Carousel Slide Projectors
Opaque Projector
Digital Camcorders
Laptop Computers (limited number)
Media Cart (DVD/VHS player, sound system, LCD data projector, laptop computer)(limited number)
Cassette/CD Player
Portable Public Address System (handheld)
Wireless Public Address System

Please Use the IVC Service Desk to reserve classroom equipment or equipment training.

Important: When creating an equipment request within the Service Desk environment select "Technology Request" as the request type. In the next box select "Classroom Equipment Support", and in the third box be sure to select "Equipment Reservation". If these steps are not followed, the ticket you generate will not be labeled as "Equipment Reservation" when Media Services receives it. This may cause delays in processing your request. The third box also offers the choice of "Classroom Equipment Presentation Training" to request individual training in your classroom.

Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance, although emergency needs are always taken into consideration.

If you have questions about your classroom equipment, what you might need for a specific purpose, or to set up some classroom equipment training, please call either 355-6389 or 355-6519. Equipment must be ordered through the Service Desk unless an emergency situation exists. We prefer to receive requests for training via the Service Desk, but it is not a requirement at this time.

If your classroom equipment malfunctions please use the Service Desk to submit a Service Request.

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