Learning Intervention and Networking Communities

Need help with study skills? You are not alone! Our new LINC program (Learning Intervention and Networking Communities) might be just for you.  LINC helps students improve their study skills, no matter what background.  Most importantly, it helps bridge the gap for students that have been out of school for a while and need help adjusting to a new enviorment.

LINC can help with:

  • Self-motivation 

  • Self-management

  • Individual study skills sessions 

  • Test Taking Strategies

  • Note Taking

  • Rehearsing and Memorizing 

  • Technology Immersion 

Procrastination can be one of the hardest habits to overcome.  You may have to deal with it on a personal level. Recognizing YOUR procrastination is key, and we can help with that.  To do that we will help keep you motivated and indentify your study habits.  This way you can also recognize what are your self-deffeating habits that will lead to stress reduciton and impact your coursework.  With LINC we will help you with note-taking, organizing, rehearsing and memorizing study materials to help you stay calm in test.



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