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Course Development Process

DE Course_Development

Thank you for your interest in teaching online.  To develop online courses at IVC, please do the following:

  1. The discipline faculty in a given area shall discuss at a department or division meeting which courses are suitable for online/hybrid delivery.  Once this discussion has taken place and a consensus reached, the Department Chair and Division Dean shall be notified of the request for development of online/hybrid course(s).  The final decision regarding the development and/or offering of online/hybrid courses shall be made by the Division Dean and Department Chair in support of student need and course management considerations.   (NOTE:  Development of online/hybrid Basic Skills and/or ESL courses must be approved by the Vice President for Academic Services.)  

  2. The Division Dean and/or Department Chair shall work with the selected faculty member(s) to ensure that the course outline has been updated and approved by the Curriculum Committee to reflect the appropriate distance education designation (along with any textbook or other curriculum modifications).

  3. Once the Curriculum Committee has approved the course for online delivery, the Division Dean, Department Chair, and/or designee, shall notify the FT/PT faculty of the need for the development of the online/hybrid course(s) via District email.  The FT/PT faculty in the department shall have ten (10) business days to express in writing, via District email, their interest in developing the designated online/hybrid course(s). 

  4. After the expiration of ten (10) business days, the Division Dean and/or Department Chair shall make a list of the faculty who expressed an interest in developing the online/hybrid course(s) so that the faculty can be notified of any overlapping interests that may require seniority ranking to determine approval in accordance with CBA course selection procedures.  

  5. Within ten (10) business days, the Division Dean and/or Department Chair, or designee, shall notify the selected faculty member(s) and the DE Coordinator of the decision to develop the designated course(s) for online/hybrid development by the selected faculty member(s). Notification of this final decision shall also be distributed, via District email, to all faculty within the department.  

  6. The selected faculty member shall contact the DE Coordinator to be placed on the course development schedule and to discuss the development process for new online/hybrid course(s).  

  7. SUNSETTING SPRING 2017:  Prior to teaching online at IVC, faculty must complete three (3) courses through @ONE Training (Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning, Introduction to Teaching with Canvas, and Creating Accessible Online Courses).  Copies of the Certificates of Completion must be forwarded to the DE Coordinator upon completion of the training.  After completion of the first three @ONE courses, faculty are required to complete two (2) additional @ONE courses (Building Online Community with Social Media and Designing Effective Online Assessment).  These courses must be completed within two (2) years of completing the first two introductory courses.  (Note: Subject to revision due to changes in @ONE training curriculum.)  

  8. EFFECTIVE FALL 2016:  Prior to teaching online at IVC, faculty must successfuly complete the 12-week @ONE Training course in Online Education Standards & Practices. (Note: Subject to revision due to changes in @ONE training curriculum.)  

  9. No later than six (6) weeks prior to the start of priority registration, faculty must develop at least the first half of the new online/hybrid course(s), based on a standard academic semester, for review and approval through the Distance Education Committee (i.e., the first eight weeks of a 16-week course).   As soon as the course is ready for review, contact the DE Coordinator to schedule the course evaluation.  The DE Committee evaluation team will need access to the course, a copy of the Course Map, and a copy of the Course Syllabus.  

  10. All courses must meet the accessibility requirements of Section 508.  

  11. Faculty selected to develop new online/hybrid courses shall have one year to complete the course development requirements.  If the time limit cannot be met, the faculty member may request additional time by filing an appeal with the DE Committee prior to the end of the one-year time limit.  If no appeal has been filed by the end of the one-year time limit, the Division Dean and/or Department Chair may offer the course for faculty re-selection in accordance with steps 1-5 above. 

  12. The DE Course Development Process is subject to change, upon the approval of the DE Committee and the Academic Senate, to ensure that the process supports best practices in the development of online/hybrid courses for student success.  

If you have any questions, or need any assistance, please contact the DE Coordinator.  

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