FROM LEFT: Campus Safety Officer Yessenia Salas and Juan Cruz are ready to perform health screenings at the Aten Road entrance to IVC.

Imperial Valley College has instituted a mandatory COVID-19 Exposure Screen-ing Protocol to help reduce the risk of infectious disease transmission mandatory_screeing-2.jpgamong campus. All students, faculty, staff, and visitors entering campus will be subject to this process. This approach is in line with CDC recommendations and Imperial County Public Health guidelines. IVC ex-pects those with access to our campus to engage in practic-es that promote health, safety and wellbeing.


While the college remains closed to the general public, those granted permission to enter are asked to adhere to the following: Stay home if you feel sick. Arrive ear-ly when visiting campus to complete the screening pro-cess. Students shall enter campus using Gate 3 (by old Highway 111). Faculty, staff and visitors shall enter campus using Gate 2 (on Aten Road). Vehicles should be stopped by the screening booth while applying social distance and wearing a face mask. Campus nurse and/or Campus Safety Officers (CSO) will proceed with screening.

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