dr lennor johnson
Dr. Lennor Johnson, Interim Superintendent/President

As the incoming Interim Superintendent/President, I'm incredibly humbled and excited to serve students, faculty, staff, administration and the entire Imperial Valley community in this capacity.

I am committed to student success and doing whatever it takes to help students achieve their goals, which is my absolute mission in life: whether that is identifying gaps in services and closing them, identifying  barriers to your success and eliminating them, or recognizing policies, practices, and procedures that are not student-centered and making them student-friendly. These are some but not all of my missions in life.

I am excited to announce we have implemented a Contact Center that will handle all incoming concerns from faculty, staff and students, and they will connect callers to the most appropriate individual or department to address the caller's needs.

They can be reached at 760-355-1826 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This information will also be posted on the website at "What Services are Open on Campus."

I sincerely look forward to a great academic year and am working diligently to ensure a smooth and safe transition as we navigate through these unprecedented times. We, the faculty, staff, and administration, are committed to your success.

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