Scholarship Donations

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Below is a list of current IVC Scholarship Funds:
Aaron Alford Scholarship
Ada Duflock Scholarship
Bill Thompson Scholarship
Blue Knights Scholarship
Buck DePaoli Memorial Scholarship
Business Club Scholarship
CSEA Scholarship
Domingo O. Ulloa Memorial Scholarship
Dorothy Anderholt Scholarship
Drexel-Cooper Scholarship
DSPS/Mel Wendrick Memorial Scholarship
Farm Credit Services Scholarship
Fridolf Carlson Scholarship
General Scholarship
Grainger Foundation Scholarship
Harelson-Duncan Scholarship
Hector Lopez Scholarship
Howard P. Meyer Scholarship
Imperial County Medical Society Scholarship
Imperial County Physicians Medical Group Scholarship
Jack Fuesler Scholarship
Jordan Mora Art Scholarship
LC Samples Scholarship
Mel "Moose" Smith Scholarship
Mildred Heck Scholarship
Music Talent Scholarship
Nicolas Novak Memorial Scholarship
Osher Foundation Scholarships
Osher-Cardenas Market Scholarship
Osher-Congreve Scholarship
Osher-Philip Ricker Nursing Scholarship
Osher-Sempra Renewable Energy Scholarship
Pam Fonseca Memorial Scholarship
Paul Artechi Memorial Scholarship
Pauline Rice Memorial Scholarship
R. Bardina Liu Memorial Scholarship
Shade Tree Scholarship
Victor Veysey Scholarship
Walter Pool Scholarship

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