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The President's Cabinet initiated the process for the planning and organization of the self-study in August 1998. Based on our college's shared governance model, the Academic Senate appointed a faculty representative to work as co-chair with the Vice President for Academic Services, who is our Accreditation Liaison Officer. A Steering Committee was appointed and a time table was established at the beginning of Spring 1999.

Appointments were made to the Steering Committee with the purpose of encouraging broad participation and assuring thoroughness and accuracy of the final report. Keeping in mind the need for representation from all campus groups, ten subcommittees were developed into writing teams, one for each standard, from a list of volunteers. (Org for Self-Study, Res Doc O1) The writing teams had access to centralized resources and the results of both student and staff surveys.

The drafts of standard reports were completed by writing teams and reviewed by the content editor on a staggered time line beginning in February 2000. In August 2000, final drafts were reviewed by the Steering Committee before posting them on our web site. Input as to the content and accuracy of the report was requested from the community, from all our staff, and from major campus organizations, including the Board of Trustees, Associated Students, California School Employees Association (CSEA), California Teachers Association (CTA/NEA), Academic Senate, and the College Council before final approval by the Steering Committee and the Board of Trustees.

The Steering Committee made every effort to ensure that the Imperial Valley College Accreditation Self-Study is honest and fair-minded, and that it is a study owned by everyone in the institution. Our goal was to develop a good tool that we can use to improve our effectiveness as an educational institution.


Self-Study Co-Chairs

John Hunt, Vice President for Academic Services

Valerie Rodgers, Academic Senate Representative

Writing Team Subcommittee Chairs

Standard One: Institutional Mission

Carol Lee, Transfer Center Program Director

Rueben Lopez, Dean of Extended Campus

Student Representative

Standard Two: Institutional Integrity

Jan Magno, Dean of Financial Aid & State Programs

Barbara Nilson, Instructor of Mathematics


Standard Three: Institutional Effectiveness

Saul Hom, Director of Information Systems

Ralph Marquez, Counselor


Standard Four: Educational Programs

Eric Jacobson, Behavioral Science and Social Science

 Division Chair/Academic Senate President

Standard Five: Student Support and Development


Victor Jaime, Vice President for Student Services

Standard Six: Information and Learning Resources


Eileen Ford, Dean of Learning Services

Standard Seven: Faculty and Staff

Jon Tyler, Director of Human Resources (Through

 June 30, 2000)

Ruth Montenegro, Interim Director of Human


Gail Parish, Financial Aid Technician/CSEA


Standard Eight: Physical Resources

Janell Hodgkin, Director of Fiscal Services

Carlos Fletes, Vice President for Business Services


Standard Nine: Financial Resources

Janell Hodgkin, Director of Fiscal Services

Carlos Fletes, Vice President for Business Services


Standard Ten: Governance and Administration

Gilbert Dominguez, Superintendent/ President

Other Members:

Marian Long -- Board of Trustees Representative

James Patterson, Humanities Division Chair -- Content Editor

Bill Gay, Public Relations Consultant -- Design Editor

Shirley Hofer-Bell, Executive Assistant -- Technical Support

Rashaell Hodkinson, Staff Secretary -- Technical Support

Final Editor, Karen Stiegler

Graphic Design, Jaime Servin

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