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Student Success & Support Program

Student Success & Support Program (SSSP) (formerly Matriculation) is a process that enhances student access to the California Community Colleges and promotes and sustains the efforts of credit students to be successful in their educational endeavors.  The goals of Student Success & Support Program are to ensure that all students complete their college courses, persist to the next academic term, and achieve their educational objectives through the assistance of the student-direct components of the Student Success & Support Program process:  admissions, orientation, assessment and follow-up.


In order to receive priority registration at Imperial Valley College, new students are required to complete the following:

  • Orientation
  • Assessment
  • Academic Advisement

Continuing students are strongly encouraged to complete these steps to ensure continued success at Imperial Valley College.


Orientation is mandatory for first-time college students. It introduces the students to critical information for student success. It provides valuable information about financial aid, students' rights and responsibilities, types of degrees, certificates, college policies & procedures, and student support services. Students can access the orientation online or through another designated orientation service on campus.


English and Math are skills that students use in nearly all of their college classes. Assessment helps to determine students' skill levels in these areas. Students can go to the Assessment Center on a walk-in basis to take their tests. Students can visit the website at www.imperial.edu/assessment for available test times or call the Assessment Center at (760) 355-6450. Other tests are also used to comprise multiple measures, i.e. Early Assessment Program test scores.


After taking the placement tests students need to develop, at a minimum, an abbreviated Student Educational Plan. After completion of 15 units, students need to have a comprehensive SEP developed. Course advising is specific to each individual student and is based on recommended classes identified through the student's assessment results, educational goal, and personal interests.

**If new students do not complete the matriculation requirements it will affect their registration priority or course registration in a subsequent-term.

Students Rights and Responsibilities

  • Identify an education and career goal
  • Diligently engage in course activities and complete assigned coursework
  • Complete courses and maintain progress toward an education goal and completing a course of study

Institutional Responsibilities

  • The College shall take steps to ensure that information regarding its matriculation policies are accessible and available to all students
  • Once the student has identified a course of study and completed 15 semester units of degree applicable course work the college must provide the student with an opportunity to develop a comprehensive student education plan


Students may be exempt from completing orientation, assessment, and having an SEP if the student:

  • already has a degree
  • Is enrolling at the college for avocational purposes and completed the services at another college
  • Is enrolling to complete an academy or certification program (e.g. police or fire) or
  • Is a Special Admit (concurrent enrollment high school student

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