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There will be a memorial service for Dr. Fred Fischer on September 16, 2011 at Imperial Valley College. Former colleagues and students are invited to room 2734 at 4:00 p.m. to remember and honor Dr. Fischer, who died recently of a sudden illness.

Please note that the Calexico Extended Campus center has been closed. However, classes and services will continue to be provided at the SDSU Calexico Campus and at William Moreno Jr. High School. The SDSU office phone number is 760-768-5543; the William Moreno Jr. High office phone number is still pending.

SDSU Campus: The operating hours are 8am to 5pm in office 108. The SDSU phone number may not be functioning yet, but should be functioning by tomorrow. The phone number is a direct line to the IVC student representative and may be given out to students.

William Moreno Jr. High: The operating hours are 5pm to 10pm in the mobile classrooms on the northwest part of the campus. The William Moreno Jr. High phone number is still pending.

Redistricting Committee page

The Imperial Valley College Board of Trustees has started a process that will result in major changes to the way trustees are elected as well as boundaries of areas they represent.

The board voted Wednesday to modify trustee area boundaries and change from "at large" to "trustee area" elections.

Currently, the seven trustees must live within the boundaries of a specific area, which correspond to boundaries for the county's high school or unified school districts: Brawley Union, Central Union, Calexico Unified, Holtville Unified, San Pasqual Unified, Imperial Unified and Calipatria Unified. All residents of the Imperial Community College District vote for all trustee candidates on the ballot.

That will change, beginning in November 2012, when residents will only vote for candidates who reside in their trustee area.

The issue has come to the forefront with recent lawsuits against "at-large" voting practices filed against cities and education agencies around the state.

The new trustee areas will be determined utilizing 2010 census data, and based on population. It will be the first time since the community college district was founded in 1959 that board representation areas will be redrawn.

These changes are being driven by the California Voting Rights Act, legation approved in 2002 which discourages "at large" elections by making them subject to expensive litigation due to discrimination. The 2010 census is the first since the voting rights act was passed and community college districts and other agencies up and down the state are reviewing or changing their elections procedures.

"This proactive move by our Board will ensure that our community is represented in the best possible manner," said Victor Jaime, IVC interim president. "By initiating this process, the Board will have access to relevant information as we consider election options. We want to ensure our system is proportionate, fair, and consistent with 'one person one vote' representation."

The redistricting effort will take about three months and the board will be appointing a citizens committee to provide input on the new district boundaries. "We also will be working to have maximum public input during this process to identify areas of community interest that must be maintained," said Jaime.

Current trustee boundaries were established in the formative years of the IVC district. In 1959, Imperial County voters- by a ratio of 12 to 1-- approved a ballot measure to establish the two-year college district in the Valley. Trustee boundaries were drawn At that time to represent the area's high school or unified school districts.

"With the passage of the California Voting Rights Act, this method of representation has become obsolete," Jaime said. "Additionally, there is a large disparity between populations in our seven districts which potentially could be counter to "One Person One Vote provisions" of the Federal Voting Rights Act," he added.

Due to renovation of the 400 building and infrastructure work taking place nearby (including placing new utilities underground in preparation for the new buildings that will be constructed), parts of the campus will be closed and fenced off for the duration of the project (expected completion date: March 2012). (View Closed Off Areas)

Imperial Valley College has cancelled its 2011 Summer School for all but a select group of specific training courses.

The college administration has also recommended to the IVC Board of Trustees a workforce reduction, which if approved Wednesday, would eliminate more than 12 full-time classified employee positions. (Read more about the California Budget Crisis | Read Dr. Gould's Summer Cancellation Letter)

The IVC Newsletter is now available. Click here to read.

Given that chemically sensitive individuals may react to different products with widely varying degrees of severity, it is very difficult to ensure a consistently comfortable and accommodating work environment under every conceivable set of circumstances. Even so, IVC wants to minimize, to the extent possible, barriers and difficulties experienced in the workplace by employees, students, and visitors who have chemical and/or fragrance sensitivities by requesting that all offices and spaces used by staff and their visitors to remain free of chemical-based scented products. Click here to read the entire Fragrance Sensitivity Policy.

Due to state budget cuts to education Winter Session has been CANCELLED for 2011. That means when the Fall Semester ends on December 11, 2010, there will be a break from classes at IVC until Spring Semester commences on February 14, 2011. Students with questions on this should meet with a counselor.

The Imperial Valley College – Expansion, Mobility and Sustainability Program has been selected to receive the Compass Blueprint Recognition Award for Visionary Planning for Prosperity. SCAG’s jury of planning experts took special note of IVC’s innovative and comprehensive approach to sustainability and mobility. (Read the entire award letter | Community Letters of Support | Evaluation Criteria | 10 Year Master Site Plan).

It is the policy of Imperial Valley College to provide a tobacco free environment for its students, faculty, staff, administrators, visitors and the general public while on this campus. The simple separation of smokers and nonsmokers within the same air space may reduce, but does not eliminate, the exposure of nonsmokers to environmental tobacco smoke, nor does the EPA recognize a safe level of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.

Effective the FIRST DAY OF THE FALL SEMESTER 2009, Imperial Valley College shall be a tobacco-free campus. The use of any tobacco products shall be prohibited on any district properties. The sale of tobacco products on campus is prohibited.

Appropriate signs shall be posted at all entrances to campus grounds.

Smoking shall be prohibited at all times in all vehicles on campus.

The smoking prohibition applies to passenger vehicles and all other state owned mobile equipment to include light and heavy trucks, cargo, and passenger vans, buses, and any other mobile equipment with an enclose or enclosable driver/passenger compartment.

Any student or visitor found in violation of the Policy Statement will be forwarded to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs as per the Standards of Student Conduct (4) Willful persistant smoking where smoking has been prohibited.

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