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  • Want to Print From Your Own Computer?

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    Introducing Web Print using PaperCut

    Now you can send print jobs for your documents and reports from the comfort of your own computer (and if you wanted, even from home!). With Web Print, you are able to upload your Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Microsoft Office Word, and PDF files for printing via a web interface, then come over to the printer you submitted the job to and release it for printing.

    Here’s how to do it:

    1. Get to the PaperCut Account Login Page: http://papercut.imperial.edu/user
    2. Loginusing your Student Email Address username and password
      1. Username example: If your student email address was oramos1@students.imperial.edu your username would be oramos1)
      2. Password example: This will be the same 6-digit number you currently use to access the Student Portal
      3. Don’t know either of the above?
        1. Find your student email address: https://my.imperial.edu/student-email (login required)
        2. Reset your password: https://reset.imperial.edu/
          papercut login
    3. Once logged in you can use the Web Print (shown in the image above) option to start the submission process for your document.
    4. Once you’ve submitted your job, walk up to the printer you submitted your job to and use the card reader to login, find your print job and release it for printing.
    Created on 18/08/2012 in PaperCut

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