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    IVC-Private will provide a connection to the network that is identical to your wired desktop computer.  You will have access to all internal shared folders and documents, network printers and copiers just like you currently do with your desktop computer.  Because this group is so much like being part of the wired network, it is restricted to IVC-owned equipment and will require the laptop or other device to be configured by the IT Department. This process is quick and only needs to be performed once. Once configured, these devices will connect to this network without any additional steps by the user.

    IVC-Employee will provide a connection to the network that is similar to IVC-Private, but with a few restrictions.  Because the wireless devices that use this network access are not managed by IVC, we are unable to verify whether the computer is infected or has other issues that would negatively impact the network and/or its resources. Computers connected to this network will not have the same access as IVC-Private, but will be able to access essential services.

    Accessing IVC-Employee is much like accessing the Internet at Starbucks or a Hotel.  Once you connect, you will need to open a browser and it will re-direct you to a sign-on page.  You will need to enter your IVC email username and password to connect.

    IVC-Open will provide a limited connection to the Internet.  This wireless network is designed for use by individuals that are not employed by, or students of, Imperial Valley College. It is also intended for personal mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. This network connection will not require any authentication, but will be very limited in its access to internal resources. It will also have limited bandwidth performance.

    Need Help?

    The most effective way to request support is to use the ServiceDesk ticket system. All active faculty, staff and students may log in to the system using their IVC email address and email password.

    The system is available online at http://servicedesk.imperial.edu. Or, you may contact the Service Desk at 760-355-6300.

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